FindOnClick Major Update

In this update, we have made a major improvement to FindOnClick: scripting support has been added! This a free upgrade for all owners of an OnClick license.

So what's so great about that, you may ask. Well, with scripting you can now search for pretty much anything. For example, you can now find the largest file on all your drives, see which folder has the most files in it, discover the file with the longest filename, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

How does it work? Well, in simple terms, you write a small script that tells FindOnClick if a file or folder should be included in the search results or not.

The scripting language used in FindOnClick is Pascal, and it is the same Pascal scripting language that is in SyncBackPro. Just like with SyncBackPro, FindOnClick comes with several example scripts that you can use to learn how to create your own scripts.

The OnClick help file has been updated to include extensive details on the new scripting support in FindOnClick. We've also published an article that explains how it is used and how to use it.

Once again, this a free upgrade for all owners of an OnClick license. FindOnClick is just one of several utilities in the OnClick suite.  If you haven't yet purchased OnClick Utilities then you can evaluate FindOnClick for 30 days before deciding if you want to buy it or not.

If you write any scripts for FindOnClick then please contact us and we'll make them publicly available for all to use via our web site. Also, contact us if you have any suggestions for scripts we should write or ways we can improve the scripting.


In celebration of this new release, and because we're really nice people, we're offering a 50% discount on new purchases of OnClick Utilities. Just use the coupon code FOC50 in our web store. Note that you receive a 50% discount for OnClick Utilities automatically if you purchase it along with SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE.

Visit our OnClick downloads page to get the latest version now.

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