SyncBack V9 and V8 Updated

In this update, we have improved the performance of filters for both V9 and V8. The V9 HTML log file now includes a list of how many times each filter was used, which can help you decide which filters can be removed because they aren't doing anything. Also, the V9 installer has also been updated to provide a more modern interface.

For the full changes list, visit our changes page online. Visit our downloads page to get the latest version now, or visit our legacy downloads page.

Windows XP and 2003

The time has come to say goodbye to Windows XP and 2003. Support for Windows XP, in SyncBack, was dropped many years ago, and support for Windows 2003 was dropped with the release of V9.  Microsoft themselves stopped all support for Windows XP in April 2014 and for Windows 2003 in July 2015. Even so, you could still install and run SyncBack V9 on XP/2003. Starting with this V9 release, however, that will no longer be possible. The latest V9 installer cannot be run on Windows XP or 2003 and neither can SyncBack V9 itself. There is no change for SyncBack V8 (it can still be installed and run on those versions of Windows but it is not supported).

Google Photos

Google has stopped access to Google Photos from Google Drive. For more details, refer to their blog post. This means there is no way to backup your Google Photos using SyncBackPro. We're looking into adding support for Google Photos to SyncBackPro V9, so your photos can be backed up, however this may take some time to implement.


In 2019, Google implemented restrictions on 3rd party software and services accessing Gmail. Although 2BrightSparks contacted Google to not have SyncBack restricted, unfortunately we were denied. This means that in July 2019 the OAUTH2 access method (implemented in SyncBack V8 and later) no longer works. To get around this you will need to use the application password method.

Amazon Drive

Amazon has stopped all 3rd party access to Amazon Drive via their REST API. For some years now they have promised a new API. To date, however, this has never happened and they have now cut off access to already approved applications like SyncBackPro. This does not affect Amazon S3.

Latest Articles

Delta Copy

Delta Copy is the process of copying the differences between an original file and a modified version of the file, instead of copying the whole file again to the backup location. With Delta Copying, only the changed parts of a file are copied, when the original file is present on destination. Delta Copy was introduced in SyncBackPro/SE V9.

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