The Main Window

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The Main Window

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SyncBackPro is a simple program to use with many options and user definable parameters. The program is perfect for the novice and expert alike.


All the essential tasks in SyncBackPro can be carried out from the main window by clicking an icon on the lower toolbar:





SyncBackPro also has a toolbar at the top of the windows that provides easy access to all its functions, and a right click pop-up menu that is available when a profile is highlighted:





You can quickly go to these items using shortcut keys (Alt-P, Alt-T, Alt-E, Alt-V, Alt-H and Alt-S). If the Common toolbar item is being displayed then you can use Alt-C. You can also tap the Alt key to show/hide the items.


At the top-left is also a burger menu burger, which when clicked (or Alt-B is pressed), has further options:





The main window below shows SyncBackPro running a backup 'Profile' called Personal Documents:





Once a Profile has been defined, the user need only click the Run button to carry out the task. Alternatively the Profile can be scheduled to run at certain times and dates:







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