In this update, we've also published a new article: SyncBack Versions. Also, when SyncBackPro/SE V10 was released, we introduced several new features, and below we discuss two of them.

New V10 Features

There are many ways to start a profile in SyncBack, one if which is to have it run periodically. For example, you may want a profile to run every 30 minutes. With SyncBack V10 we introduced the ability to have a profile only run periodically on certain days and between certain times. You may want the profile to only run between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, for example. Or you may only want it to run during the night. This is now possible with V10. See the When -> Periodically settings page in your profile and the help file for details.

Having the profile log emailed to you after it has run is a good way to keep track of your profiles. Alternatives to emails are Pushover and Webhook's (introduced in V10). With V9 you could choose to only send the email if there were any errors. You could optionally also send it if there were any differences. With V10 you can now also optionally also send the email if there are no differences. This can be useful when you know that the profile should always find differences (because they files are always being changed) so you only want to receive an email if there are errors, or no differences were found (which would indicate a problem). See the Log -> Advanced settings page in your profile and the help file for details.

Latest Article

SyncBack Versions

The first widely used version of SyncBack (V3) was released way back in 2004. In those days the latest version of Windows was XP. Since then, numerous versions of SyncBack and Windows have been released. During that time the user interfaces have changed, although not by as much as you may think. In this article we look back at the user interface of SyncBack from V3 to V10. Each screenshot has been taken using the version of Windows appropriate for that time.

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