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Essential FTP Features

SyncBack’s embedded FTP engines support a wide range of FTP servers and in most cases it will work fine with them by using the default FTP settings. However, if the FTP server doesn’t support some important features, SyncBack may fall-back to using alternative methods, which may have an impact on performance. In this article we will go through the various FTP features/extensions which the user should be looking for when deciding which FTP server to install and use with SyncBack.

Fast Backup

Fast Backup is designed to improve the performance of a Backup/Mirror profile by not scanning slow destination (backup) devices such as FTP, network drives and cloud services (Amazon S3, Azure, Google Storage, Open Stack) for changes. For Fast Backup to work, SyncBack requires that destination files are changed or deleted only by that single Fast Backup profile and not by any other application, profile or user, i.e. the backup files are not modified by anything but that SyncBack profile. If you are using SyncBack to backup your files, then this requirement is likely to be met.

File System Terminology

There are various technical terms used when talking about items related to file systems and storage. We've covered many of them in other articles. In this article we'll try and cover the most basic terms, particularly in relation to the Windows operating system.

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