SyncBack Updated

In our latest update, we’ve made backing up with Backblaze B2 more secure by making TLS 1.1 the minimum, and also speeded it up with multi-threaded downloads. And if you’re a SyncBack Touch user, the number of maximum threads has been increased, as well as various other fixes.

For the full list of changes, please visit our changes page online. And visit our downloads page to get the latest version now.

Sometimes our changes lie “behind the scenes” and so are to all intents and purposes invisible. But they can still have an enormous impact on you and your backups. Recently, for example, we've been busy improving and changing several components of our infrastructure to enhance security and speed. These are very much to your advantage, however discreet they appear! Details as follows:

Faster Surfing with Cloudflare Services

As one of the biggest network operations on the Internet, Cloudflare allows us to increase the security and performance of our website. Lengthy loading delays on our website are now a thing of the past, improving the experience for users like you! It also protects us far better against malicious attacks and intrusions. Cloudflare services run silently in the background, keeping our website up and running 24/7.

Dedicated Server for Improved Reliability

Again, in the interest of providing a better experience for our users, we have moved to a dedicated server for increased stability and improved performance. As a result, services hosted on our server (such as the forum) are much faster and more responsive.

Freshdesk – Our New Support Platform

We pride ourselves on providing a responsive and thorough level of support for our customers, but our old system was starting to age a little! So, at the start of November we switched to Freshdesk. With over 150,000 businesses worldwide, Freshdesk have established themselves as a renowned leader in providing customer engagement services. With their various tools, they make ticketing support a joy to use, and in turn, give our team more reasons to smile when helping and assisting customers like you! As a user, you can still request support through our usual channels and you will still receive the same great assistance you have come to expect when using 2BrightSparks products.

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