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Welcome to the latest news from 2BrightSparks. Read about the latest updates of SyncBackSE and InfoHesive, find out how educators can improve their efficiency at work, enjoy some more great tips on using our software, and hear more about our Senior Business Analyst, Jane Liu.

If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions.

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SyncBackSE V4.5.16.0 Update

InfoHesive V1.3.6.7 Update

• Specialist Groups - Educators

Staff Sparks

Tip of the Month by Richard Gascoigne

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SyncBackSE V4.5.16.0 Update

The latest release of SyncBackSE V4.5.16.0 is now available as a free upgrade for all those who have paid for a SyncBackSE license. Upgrading will provide you with a number of fixes relating to FTP, close when unattended, potentially faster hashing over networks, the Japanese installer and more.

To upgrade from earlier versions of SyncBackSE simply download and install over your old version. Note that this is not an upgrade to SyncBack freeware.

Review the list of fixes in this new version of SyncBackSE

SyncBackSE and SyncBack Freeware

There are two versions of our SyncBack software: SyncBackSE and SyncBack freeware. SyncBackSE includes a number of significant features that may be of value to you. Compare the two.

InfoHesive V1.3.6.7 Update

The latest version of InfoHesive V1.3.6.7 is now available for download.

To upgrade from the earlier version of InfoHesive, simply Download and install over your old version:

This is a free upgrade for all who have paid for an InfoHesive license. The upgrade includes three new features and over 30 essential fixes and updates including: the ability to change the default Editor font; enabling Flexible Content Width; drag and drop updates; pasting Unicode text; and many more.

View the detailed information on all the changes

Specialist Groups - Educators

If you are a lecturer at a University, or a teacher at a college, secondary, primary or early childhood school, this section will be of particular interest to you. For simplicity, I'll use the word "educators" to categorize all the above. Besides teaching, educators have many other responsibilities. Student records and reports need to be written, lessons need to be planned, and teaching materials need to be prepared. Many of these tasks can be achieved on the computer and there is software available that can make your job so much easier.

As more and more data migrates to the paperless office in universities, colleges and schools, the importance of carefully managing that data becomes increasingly important. If the data has sensitive information like a student's report, and you are making a copy from your institutional network to your laptop or thumb drive, it is important that the data file is encrypted. EncryptOnClick allows you to easily encrypt and decrypt data to ensure its integrity, and as there is a freeware version available, you can ensure your data is kept secure and private today at no cost.

Find out more about EncryptOnClick

Educators have a great amount of data files, some of which can all too easily be dropped into the wrong folder and misplaced. Finding that valuable resource (perhaps a word processor document with some notes you have made some time ago) is not always easy. Manually searching through your files by opening each file would take an age, however there is an easier solution. FindOnClick is a search utility that searches through your drive for specified files that are of interest. You may define your search by file extension, file name, creation or modification date and file size, just to name a few. If you remember a specific phrase that you are certain exists only in the required file or files, then you can search for them using that phrase. In seconds, a list of files containing that phrase will be presented to you so that you can complete your task far more efficiently.

Discover more about FindOnClick

That takes care of keeping your files private and finding files, but what about managing your ever-growing number of files?

We understand how important it is for everyone, including educators, to keep their digital files in order in an easy to manage and efficient manner. Some schools have a central area where educators access teaching materials like worksheets, student portfolio templates and additional resources. However, in order to access those files, the educator is often required to search through folders and sub folders, sometimes even having to open individual files only to find out that it is not the best file for the job.

InfoHesive is versatile software that allows for easy file management, file retrieval, and sharing of files. Educators can create direct links to files in different folders that will speed up the file retrieval process, especially as notes and comments can be associated with the corresponding links. InfoHesive also allows you to link directly to websites that provide teaching materials or other resources, and unlike an Internet Browser bookmark, it is easy to associate guidance, notes, and comments with the link. Create Projects for coursework that allow you to retrieve any file type. For example you might have a Project with a focus on a specific topic or semester, or you could collate all student records in one central location for easy access - the great news is that InfoHesive is a flexible program that you can take advantage of according to your own needs.

Review a detailed picture of what InfoHesive can offer you

Let us turn now to the most critical task for every computer user: ensuring that all your digital files are kept safe from data loss and theft by backing them up. SyncBackSE, your trusty backup and synchronization software, will allow you to synchronize your work from the school’s server onto your personal laptop or USB thumb drive so that you can easily take your work home with you. If you are unable to run SyncBackSE on the institution’s computer, you can always run it from an external hard drive.

Read more about SyncBackSE

All our software comes with a 30-day fully functional evaluation period and can be downloaded from our main downloads web page:


Staff Sparks

Hello again. It's Jane here and is it my turn to write the Staff Sparks section again already?

I'm in the thick of preparing our monthly and quarterly figures, but first I'd like to take a bit of time to tell you about Singapore, my home of 7 years and one I share with the majority of the 2BrightSparks team.

Singapore is located just one degree north of the equator and comprised of 63 islands. It's a small but vibrant city with a land area of around 700 square kilometers, and it's very humid with temperatures that hover between 24-34 C (I think that's 75-93 F). Little time is spent on weather reports - it's either hot with thundery showers, or hot and dry!

Singapore is lush, with nature reserves and rainforests covering a quarter of its land, but its central business area is skyscraper heaven - an improving skyline with new buildings rising at almost every turn. It's a melting pot of cultures with Chinese making up about three-quarters of the 4.6 million population, Malays 14% and Indians 9%. This reflects in the variety of food ... oh the food! I'll have to save that for another time.

Singapore strives to be the top of its game and I have to say it does immensely well for such a tiny country. It's home to the world's best airline, airport, the biggest observation wheel, largest fountain, the first Formula 1 night Grand Prix, the largest and busiest seaports, and is the biggest producer of computer disk drives in the world. I can't believe I've written all this and managed not to mention the words "hub" or "synergy"! Singapore attracts a great deal of investment from industries such as biotech, biomedical manufacturers, IC and semiconductor technology, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. It's the perfect location for a business like 2BrightSparks.

Singapore is also home to one of the best zoo's in the world! If you're ever in this neck of the woods, you must visit. Our 4-yr old daughter loves the otters, elephants and polar bears. Yes, polar bears! The world is full of surprises.

Tip of the Month by Richard Gascoigne

Hotkeys are totally HOT!

What are hotkeys? You may ask. Very simply put, hotkeys are a series of keystrokes that perform a certain task. For example, to automatically paste a certain chunk of information to where the cursor is on a word processor or to open a program or file.

Let me share my experiences with this very useful feature with you, which incidentally is my favorite feature in InfoHesive. I enjoy replying to emails from our users and sometimes the replies call for information that I have stored in my InfoHesive Email Template project. Information like my signature, the company's bank details, postal address, links to our KnowledgeBase articles and a lot more. I assign hotkeys to each Article so that I can hit the F6 key and then a series of keystrokes, which will then automatically paste the Article that I need into my email. This is how you would do it.

1) Create your InfoHesive Project with Articles containing your templates.
2) Right-click on an Article you want to assign a hotkey to.
3) Select "Shortcut for "SendTo"".
(You can skip steps 2 and 3 by the hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+H)
4) Select either Option A, where you assign a system wide hotkey like Shift+Alt+F1 or Option B. In this option, you assign a starter hotkey where the default is F6 and then select a combination of keystrokes that best identifies the Article.

I personally prefer Option B. So if I need the Article that contains the company's bank details, I just have to click on the email, hit the F6 key and then type "bank". In just a heartbeat, the required bank details are pasted onto my email reply.

Try it, you'd love it too!

Articles at 2BrightSparks

Read our collection of articles that we hope will be of use to you.

If you would like to see articles of a particular topic, please do let us know.

Otherwise, check back in the near future to check out new articles.

Lucky Draw Winners

Every month, ten lucky winners who complete the SyncBackSE survey form receive a free license for OnClick Utilities. The link to the survey is contained in the order confirmation email for SyncBackSE. We will even allow you to transfer your license to friends or family if you've already got a license. Good luck!

To date, 330 lucky people have already received free software from us just by simply completing the survey, so what are you waiting for?

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Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting in touch again in a month’s time.

The 2BrightSparks Team.

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