Runtime Intelligence

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Runtime Intelligence

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Runtime Intelligence is a tool that provides feedback to developers about the way software is used. This information helps to drive improvements in functionality and ease of use.


Is the data completely anonymous?


Yes, completely. We do not collect or record any payment information, user names, passwords, email addresses, URL's, I.P. addresses, host names, file names, directory names, notes, filters, serial numbers, etc. or any kind of unique, private, personal or confidential data.


What data are you collecting?


The majority of the data simply provides us with information about which features of the software are being used. We record if a feature is enabled or not, and in some cases what level of the feature is being used. For example, what compression level or encryption level. This is done to help improve the software. By knowing which features are being used we can concentrate our efforts on making them better. Just as important, we will also note which features are not being used. We can then investigate why they are not being used and either enhance or remove them.


We also collect some basic information such as what version of Windows is being used, what language you are using, which country and city you are in, etc. This helps us see what the minimum system requirements should be, for example, and also to see which languages we should concentrate more efforts on for translations.


Where is the data stored?


Google Analytics. All data stored on their systems is anonymous and private. We do not send them any personally identifiable information. In the unlikely event that their systems were breached it would have no impact on you.


Is the data that is sent used to prevent software piracy?


No. We do not record serial numbers (for our software or any other installed software, including Windows) or anything related to detecting or preventing software piracy. We do record if the software is being evaluated or if it has been purchased, but nothing related to the serial number or any order information.


I do/don't want to send Runtime Intelligence data. How do I change it?


You can change it via the Global Settings window or via the Help main menu.



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