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In this issue, we have some great tips for better backups, inform you about 2BrightSparks affiliates (perhaps you might even apply to become one yourself), and we've got a whopping 30% discount on a single license of SyncBackPro for the first lucky 150 new licensees who are quick off the mark.

If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions.

Make Better Backups

We all know making backups is the most important administrative task we all do with our digital files. Today I'm going to show how you can make better backups using SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro

Using SyncBackSE / SyncBackPro with DropBox

Do you know about backing up as soon as a file Changes? Have you tried Versioning? Do you use DropBox, or something similar? Never mind, even if you don't, this tip might be helpful, so read on.

As do many of you, I use DropBox (https://www.dropbox.com/) to exchange files between our multinational locations. If you're not familiar with it, here's a simplified description.

You and the other person both have DropBox folders on your desktop. When you put a file in your dropbox, it is immediately transferred to the other person(s) dropbox. All you have to do is copy a file and paste it into the dropbox, and off it goes.

But here's a catch. If either you or the other person delete a file in the dropbox, it may be immediately deleted in the other person's dropbox ! (Yes, you can recover it from the DropBox site via your browser, but that's a bit of a pain.) So here's a way to protect against untimely deletions.

We use SyncBackSE/ SyncBackPro both in sending and receiving files with DropBox.

For receiving files, we set a profile to monitor the dropbox. When someone just sends you a new file, the profile will copy it to another folder. Now, if the dropbox copy gets deleted, you've already grabbed a copy to keep. We use Run Profile on Changes to do that.
Particularly when we collaborate on developing a document, changing it frequently, we also use the Versioning feature so that we can always go back a few versions in case the other person (or I) made some inappropriate change.

We can also do something similar when sending files. If there is a file that we frequently change, and need to distribute, we set a profile to monitor the folder where we would normally keep the working copy of the file. When we make a change to the file, the profile causes it to be copied to the dropbox folder. So... I change a spreadsheet, save it, a profile recognizes the change and copies it to the dropbox, and the other person sees it show up in their dropbox. Automagic and painless.

The options you need to use are only found in Expert mode (click on "Click for Options" when modifying the profile, or simply click 'Expert' at the foot of the option tree). It will toggle to Expert mode, and reveal the additional settings pages, etc.

For backing up when a file is changed, click on "When", and "Changes". Then check the box to run when files are changed on Source, and point it to the DropBox (for incoming files), or your working folder (for outgoing files).

To save versions of changed files, click on "Copy/Delete", and "Versioning". If it isn't clear, look in Help, or post a question on the User Forum.

Richard Gascoigne,
Corporate Director,

Compare the freeware and commercial versions

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Who Uses SyncBack/SE/Pro?

Determining the best solution for your digital files' security is crucial and with so many options in the market, it's a job in itself.

Our backup and synchronization software SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro continue to deliver outstanding features and exhaustive support for all sectors of the market.

Although our solutions are ranked one of the most affordable, don't let that be an indication that our products are not comparable to the more expensive options in the market. Our list of Honor Roll Organizations will tell you otherwise. After all, we aim to provide quality software at competitive prices so that majority of computer users of any background can afford it. Our software is used by students, non-profit organizations, and large commercial organizations.

With the understanding that individuals and organizations feel more comfortable knowing who our customers are, and thus find the confidence in selecting our backup and synchronization solutions to safeguard their digital files, we have taken the time to contact our high volume purchasers to ask them for permission to include their company name and profile on our web site. This list is a continually growing one, so check back now and again.

We hope you can put your trust in us, as tens of thousands of our other customers have. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Hot Off The Press: We just spoke with a customer who has been using 70 licenses of SyncBackSE for a year, and says that our system has saved them over $40,000.  Do you have a good story to tell us, too? Contact Us today.

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InfoHesiveEP Update

Enjoy the latest update to InfoHesiveEP Freeware!

InfoHesiveEP is a digital publisher providing rich import and export functionality, a great authoring and editor environment, and has an incredible range of features that assist in the drafting process and aid efficient collaborative working. Find out more...

With eighteen essential fixes this is update is recommended for all InfoHesiveEP users. Existing users simply install over your current version.

Download InfoHesiveEP

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Be a 2BrightSparks Affiliate

If you have a website, or perhaps you know someone who runs a blog who wants to keep their readers informed about backup and synchronization, this section is for you.

Every computer user needs to backup their data, and we at 2BrightSparks believe that no one should be charged an arm and a leg for effective and efficient backup software to ensure their digital files' safety. Of course, there is the choice of backing up your files manually however that approach is a time consuming chore, and easily forgotten when the task has to be done on a daily basis.

We have noticed over the years that most computer users who visit our website and contact us are mostly IT Professionals. Therefore, in order to reach out to those users who have not heard of our user-friendly, comprehensive and competitively priced software, we would like to invite all those who run a website or bloggers to become a 2BrightSparks affiliate. If you are an IT consultant, an independent-minded writer, or simply one who knows many people who might be interested in our products, then being a 2BrightSparks affiliate is also well suited to you.

As an affiliate, you will receive a generous 30% commission on every product that you resell and once your commission accumulates to at least US$100, you may then request a payout. It's that easy!

Simply Sign Up as a 2BrightSparks Affiliate and upon approval, you will be assigned your very own affiliate link, which your friends or customers will purchase from. Your commission will then be automatically credited to your account. Note that you'll need to sell seven or more licenses of SyncBackPro via your special affiliate link to reach the target US$100 payout.

Join us on our mission in spreading the word that SyncBackPro is the way to go for comprehensive features at competitive prices as backup and synchronization software goes. If you think this might be the opportunity, you've been looking for, simply click this link.

For more information, Contact Us

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Be Quick, Get 30% Off SyncBackPro!


If you need a single license of SyncBackPro, here's an opportunity you can't afford to miss. It might be the first time you've stepped up from SyncBack Freeware to the best backup solution out there, or perhaps you need an additional license of SyncBackPro (each installation of the program requires a separate license when used to process commercial data). Here's the URL and coupon you'll need to use:

2BrightSparks Web Store

Click the "Buy" button for SyncBackPro.

Enter the following coupon in the top right field:


Click the "Update Cart" button. You should see your discount shown under the sub-total. Important: this coupon number is not for general distribution and limited to readers of this newsletter. Also note that the coupon is good for the first 150 customers so don't delay. Good luck!

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