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Welcome to a special edition of the 2BrightSparks newsletter. We are very excited to announce the launch of SyncBackSE V5 and SyncBackPro. In this edition you'll also discover how different groups of people make use of the great new features only available in SyncBackPro.

In this issue...

• SyncBackSE V5 Major Upgrade Released

• Introducing SyncBackPro

• SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro FAQs

• Backup to CD/DVD

• FTP with emphasis on SFTP

• Backup To and Restore From E-mail

• Scripting Support and Automatic Drive Failure Detection

• Scheduling and Processing an Unlimited Number of Files

• Feedback

• Until Next Time

SyncBackSE V5 Major Upgrade Released

Although there have been many previous changes to SyncBackSE over the past few years, the latest *is* the greatest with more features, updates and fixes than ever before! The best news is that SyncBackSE V5 is a major free upgrade for all current licensees of SyncBackSE.

Take a look at just a few of the 100+ changes to SyncBackSE V5:

• File versioning filter.
• The ability to add notes and comments to a profile.
• True incremental and differential backups.
• Specify a different folder for full backups.
• Display a filename extension column in the Results window.
• Many new variables.
• Faster HTML log file creation.
• Increased maximum waiting time for shadow volume creation.
• Schedule monthly on Vista.
• Displays how much disk space will be used on the Differenced Window.
• Extensive help file updates.
• Easy/Expert (shortcut) node in profile configuration tree.
• Can log the drives serial and model.
• Copy from shadow volume only (snapshot).
• Add notes/comments to a profile.
• Option to hide the button panel.
• Can play an audio message when profiles require attention.

For more review the History of Changes for SyncBackSE V5.

To upgrade from earlier versions of SyncBackSE simply download and install over your old version. Note that this is not an upgrade to SyncBack freeware or to SyncBackPro.

Review the list of fixes in this new version of SyncBackSE

SyncBackSE, SyncBackPro, and SyncBack Freeware

There are three versions of our SyncBack software: SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, and SyncBack freeware. SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE include a number of significant features that may be of value to you.

Compare SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, & SyncBack Freeware.

Introducing SyncBackPro

The release of SyncBackPro V5 sees the realization of over two years of development. Easily backup directly to CD or DVD with automatic disk spanning, and without the need for formatting disks. Backup to and from an e-mail server, enjoy scripting and SFTP support, compress files using BZip2, and be reassured with automatic drive failure detection. With well over one hundred changes SyncBackPro is the ultimate backup and synchronization solution.

Find out more about the SyncBackPro Changes.

SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro Frequently Asked Questions

I bought SyncBackSE. How much is it to upgrade to SyncBackPro?

The cost of a single license to upgrade from SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro is US$19.95, with generous upgrade volume discounts available. For example, if you have 3 licenses for SyncBackSE, and wish to upgrade all 3 to SyncBackPro, then you need to buy 3 upgrade licenses.

I have 1 SyncBackSE license. Can I buy 2 SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro upgrade licenses?
No. You cannot purchase more upgrade licenses than the number of SyncBackSE licenses you have.
I did not buy SyncBackSE. How much is it to buy SyncBackPro?
A single license for running SyncBackPro costs US$49.95 per license, with generous volume discounts available.
Is it free to upgrade from SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro?
It is free to upgrade from SyncBackSE V4 (or any earlier version) to SyncBackSE V5, but it is not free to upgrade from SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro, just as it is not free to upgrade from SyncBack freeware to SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro.
Do I need to upgrade from SyncBackSE to SyncBackPro?
No. If you are happy with SyncBackSE, and do not require the extra features in SyncBackPro, then there is no need to upgrade.
What is the difference between SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro?
Review the comparison chart for the details of the differences between the different versions of SyncBack/SE/Pro.
Does SyncBackPro replace SyncBackSE?
No. SyncBackPro is essentially SyncBackSE with extra features as detailed above.
Are you going to stop developing or selling SyncBackSE?
No. SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE are the same program except Pro has extra features. It would not make sense to stop developing SyncBackSE as it is the major part of SyncBackPro.
Can I have SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro installed at the same time on the same computer?
Yes. They are installed to different folders and store their settings in different folders. When you first run SyncBackPro it will import your SyncBackSE profiles.

What SyncBackPro can do for you

The remaining segment of this newsletter shows how SyncBackPro is used by different groups in real-world scenarios.

Teacher: Backup to CD/DVD

It Couldn't Be Easier...

The teacher split a class of 30 students into groups of 5 and each group was asked to make a 10 minute video about their school environment. The videos are produced digitally over the course of the day and the teacher is very anxious to view the students' work as she wants her students to further improve them tomorrow, however, it is late in the day and she needs to get home as it is her son's birthday.

The teacher slips a DVD into the drive and starts backing up all her work and copies of her student's videos onto the disk. The files are too large to fit onto a single disk but that's no problem with SyncBackPro which supports disk spanning. When the first disk is full, the program simply asks she inserts a second disk to complete the backup - simple. The teacher then heads home in time for the party. Later that evening after the excitement of the party has past and her son is asleep, the teacher sits with her nighttime drink and reviews the videos.

SyncBackPro supports backup to CD/DVD with automatic disk spanning, where if your files do not fit into a single CD/DVD, SyncBackPro will split the files and continue onto another CD/DVD.

IT Manager: FTP with emphasis on SFTP

Safe and Secure...

A company has just hired a Sales Executive Director with an excellent track record but very minimal IT knowledge. He opens an attachment that he received via e-mail from an unknown sender and to his horror, he unleashes a digital virus that quickly wipes and corrupts most of the company's digital information: 300 employee profiles and payroll information, employee e-mails, and all the product details held on the company's master digital catalog.

Fortunately, the company's IT Manager had an extremely safe, secure, and reliable backup system in place. All the company's digital information was backed up every 10 minutes during the working day via SFTP to a server kept off-site. After running SyncBackPro in restore mode the backed up information is easily restored and minimal business hours are lost.

• Both SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro supports backing up to an off-site server via FTP and FTPS, while SyncBackPro also supports the secure protocol SFTP.

Student: Backup To and Restore From E-mail

Online In Time...

Julie, a university student, used to manually e-mail herself copies of the assignments that she felt she would require while she went home during her semester break. Now, she has found the solution that offers her the ability to automatically backup all the files from a particular folder to her e-mail account.

Julie easily retrieves her required assignments and other files while she is at home preparing for her up and coming examinations.

SyncBackPro is the only version that offers backup to and from an e-mail server like GMail and Yahoo!

System Administrator: Scripting Support and Automatic Drive Failure Detection

When All Else Fails...

Andy is a system administrator at a busy law office with responsibility for hundreds of computers that require full time management. Maintaining data security is crucial on the company's PCs and servers which hold sensitive information that always need to be available at the touch of a button. Andy uses a tool that monitors the drives for mechanical breakdown. As soon as there is an impending drive failure Andy's there taking preventative action by copying data to a replacement device.

With the help of S.M.A.R.T. Andy even has time to write some scripts to extend the functionality of SyncBackPro so that it takes full advantage of the system setup and configuration of the company's servers. With SyncBackPro Andy delivers the very best in data protection.

SyncBackPro allows the user to configure the program and profiles using their own scripts.

• SyncBackPro provides Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, or "S.M.A.R.T.", a monitoring system for computer hard disks to detect and report on various indicators of reliability, in the hope of anticipating failures.

Fashion Designer: Scheduling and Processing an Unlimited Number of Files

The New Fashion: Backup...

A layout designer has, over the years, accumulated so much design work on paper that he has decided to scan all his work into digital format for safe keeping. For extra security, he has decided to backup his digital files. With thousands of designs and more to come, plus with a company that has a growing number of employees, he requires automatic scheduled backups that can process an unlimited number of files.

• Both SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro support scheduling of profiles, whereas only SyncBackPro supports processing of an unlimited number of files. SyncBackSE is limited by free RAM.


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro, please complete our contact form at:

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Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting in touch again with our usual news update.

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