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Welcome to the latest news from 2BrightSparks. We have just launched two great new programs that have been added to our OnClick utilities suite that will help you share text privately and securely, and manage your windows like never before. You will also find information about our updated server and support area, new articles, and more.

If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see in future issues of this newsletter, drop us a line with your suggestions at:


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Server Improvements and an Updated support Area

New Products: ScrambleOnClick; TrayOnClick Public Beta

Director’s Corner

New Articles at 2BrightSparks

Lucky Draw Winners

Server Improvements and an updated Support Area

We have recently migrated our site to a new host so we can deliver even better website performance. With our new server, we have greater capacity and redundancy to deliver more pages and downloads every month to our growing audience and customer base.

We have tried hard to ensure our pages and links work appropriately, but sometimes a link might slip through the net, or a spelling needs correcting. If you come across any pages where links are broken or where the copy needs amending, please let us know via the contact form:


We have also improved our Support Site with improved ticketing for our customers, and have updated the KnowledgeBase which now runs to over 300 articles and FAQs. we hope you like the changes:


New Products: ScrambleOnClick; TrayOnClick Public Beta

We are proud to announce two additions to the OnClick Utilities suite, which now features eight programs developed to make your computer experience a lot easier.

ScrambleOnClick is a brand new program that lets you encrypt a secret message to be included in an email, or text document. From now on you will not have to encrypt a whole file before emailing it to a friend or colleague. ScrambleOnClick not only works with email, it scambles text for any Windows program where text is editable. For example text editors, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and many more. Find out all about ScrambleOnClick here:


TrayOnClick (Public Beta Version) helps you spend your time productively on your computer as you manage windows more effectively. TrayOnClick is easy to use, and there are no unsightly launchers or new buttons along the Windows Title Bar. You will use the same familiar Minimize, Restore/Maximize, and Close buttons on the top right of every window as you always have. You will however be able to manage many windows far more easily. Find out more at:


Note TrayOnClick has been released as a public beta version.

Download any one of the eight OnClick Utilities programs at:



All licensees of FindOnClick, DeleteOnClick, and OnClick Utilities are eligible for a *free upgrade* and can download the full versions of ScrambleOnClick and TrayOnClick today:


Director’s Corner

Hi, my name is Michael Leaver and I'm the technical director here at
2BrightSparks. Those of you who frequent our very active forums will know me as "mickyj" (the J is for John, my middle name). My main priority is software development (i. e. writing code), but I also answer the forum posts, technical support tickets, contact forms, and do other non-technical tasks, e. g. manage our Google Adwords account.

While sat in front of my PC I like to listen to music, usually at a sound level that makes the windows rattle. The flavours of the month are Shiny Toy Guns, Silversun Pickups, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, and LCD Soundsystem. For Internet Radio I usually listen to 1. FM - Channel X.

When I'm not banging out code I like to spend a little time playing Excite Truck on my new Nintendo Wii. It's not exactly the most complex game, or the best looking game, but it requires very little brain power to play it, which is precisely what I need after coding for hours on end :) I've also got the Wii hooked up to my 5.1 speakers and projector (in widescreen mode), so it makes things a lot more interesting.

You can find a number of other informal posts/articles from me in the Development Blog part of the forum:


New Articles at 2BrightSparks

We have added a few more articles since the last newsletter. The article index is available at:


How To Recover Deleted Files
Have you deleted a data file and then wished you hadn’t done so? By the time you realized the deletion was accidental, you were unable to retrieve it as your Recycle Bin had been emptied. You believed it was too late to recover that file, and you’re not alone.

How to Patch Files
Ever had to email large documents to your colleagues at work and found it a real hassle due to long download times? Email is one of the most popular forms of communication in this high tech society and there is no more convenient a way to send documents than attaching them to your emails. Find out how...

Lucky Draw Winners

Every month, ten lucky winners who complete the SyncBackSE survey form receive a free license for OnClick Utilities. The link to the survey is contained in the order confirmation email for SyncBackSE. We will even allow you to transfer your license to friends or family if you've already got a license. So if you haven't completed the survey and you're a SyncBackSE licensee, why not do so today?

Until Next Time

Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting in touch again in a months time.

The 2BrightSparks Team.

2BrightSparks Pte Ltd.


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