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2BrightSparks: Developers of SyncBack and SyncBackPro. Backup, Synchronization, and Restoration software for local drive, network drive, FTP, Zip archive, or any removable media.
System Requirements: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, 2008, 2003, or XP
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SyncBackPro SyncBackSE has established itself as world-class in the field of backup and synchronization software.

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SyncBackSE, your file backup & synchronization solution

Discover why SyncBackSE has become the favoured backup and synchronization solution of individuals, businesses, and non-profits, the world over. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, at home or work, SyncBackSE ensures your most valuable asset, data, remains protected.

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NEW TO VERSION 6! SyncBackSE enjoys over 100 new features, updates, and fixtures including:

Detect changes in file and folder name case and optionally correct them
SmartSync options to skip and ignore changes
Can choose what to do when cannot be prompted for action
Option to not log successfully copied, moved, or deleted files
Option to not send log email if simulated run
Can encrypt log file when emailed
-log command line parameter to display latest log file for a profile
-clearss command line parameter to clear SmartSync data
-monoff command line parameter to switch monitors off
-importprofile and -importscript command line parameters to import multiple profiles or scripts using wildcards
-sbmssync command line parameter and appropriate exit code
-profbackup command line parameter
-winpassword to specific Windows login password
Copy symbolic links as-is
Email bodies can now be plain text and/or HTML
Profiles can now be stored in the users roaming application data folder


Option to ignore NTFS encrypted files
Uses Windows 7 taskbar features
Can stop Windows sleeping while profile is running, e.g. when burning CD
Can use hardware serial number for drive insert detection and in new variables
Groups can also have time limits
When running a profile because of file or folder changes then can set how long to wait with no changes before running profile
Many new variables, e.g. HWSERIAL
Regular expressions now treat the backslash character as a line separator
Group settings main window lets you filter profiles listed
Profile run history can be seen in profile setup window
/max prefix to maximize window when running programs in Run Before and Run After
On Vista and newer, and if the locking application supports it, it can report the application that has a file locked
Profile result shows if profile aborted because too many files would be deleted
Stop, pause, and resume buttons in progress panel

Backup icon

Protect your data
Backup all your important files anytime with a single click, & use the scheduler to automate your backups.

Restore icon

Recover your lost files easily
When disaster strikes, click a single button to restore. Save stress and time with a simple recovery process.

Open File icon

Copy Open Files (not Windows 2000)
Backup 'live' documents
Now there's no need to close your programs to backup files. Keep Outlook, Word, Excel etc. running as your files are backed up.

Versioning icon

Keep previous versions
Create "backup snapshots" of your files so that you can recover your data by "rolling back" to a specific time. You define how many versions suit your needs.

Incremental Backups icon

Incremental Backups
Does what is required

Only new and changed files are copied. Incremental backups are supported, and variables can be used, e.g. backup to a folder based on the current date.

FTP icon

FTP and Email
Online access
Backup or sync files with an FTP server. Encryption, compression, and Unicode is supported. Auto email the results of your backup.

Performance icon

Performance & Throttling
As fast as can be

Everything is done as fast as it possibly can be. If you need to slow it down, e.g. limit bandwidth usage, then you can.

Help icon

Industry leading online support
Complete and exhaustive help file. Free technical support, online forums, knowledge base, and frequently asked questions.

Synchronize icon

Work with 2 or more computers
Ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the same files. 'Smart Sync' (2-way file sync) does the work.

Secure icon

Keep confidential data private
Keep your backups completely secure with 256-bit AES encryption. Military level security ensures your peace of mind.

Compress icon

Keep your files small
Compress your backups using the latest compression technology. You can compress an unlimited size, and an unlimited number of files.

Automation icon

Set it and forget it
Once you've created your backup/sync profile you can have it scheduled to run without any user interaction. You don't need to remember to backup your files.

Award icon

Multi-Award Winning
Consistently rated number 1
Winner of a World Class Award from PC World Magazine, the The Editor's Choice Award from TuCows, and over thirty other top web and magazine plaudits.

Money icon

Great Price
Outstanding value
A single user license for SyncBackSE covers its use on up to 5 computers for personal use. Volume licensing for businesses.

Options icon

Advanced Customization
A superb array of options
SyncBackSE has a dazzling array of options for advanced users. Check out the Comprehensive List of Features.

Vista icon

Windows 8, 7, Vista, & 64-bit
Optimized for Windows 7
SyncBackSE has undergone exhaustive testing by the technical team and users on the ground to ensure compatibility.

Volume Discounts Educational and Non-Profit Volume Discounts 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd recognize the budget constraints of educational and not-for-profit organizations, and are pleased to offer a substantial discount on volume licensing.

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