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OnClick Utilities OnClick Utilities

A suite of easy to use, powerful software utilities for Windows XP SP3 and newer: 32 & 64 bit

FindOnClick performs lightning fast file searches.

UndeleteOnClick recovers files after deleting.

DeleteOnClick securely deletes data.

HashOnClick helps guarantee files are identical.

EncryptOnClick delivers military grade encryption.

ScrambleOnClick encrypt/decrypt files & text.

PatchOnClick easily updates large files.


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Simplicity and power at an incredible price.

OnClick Utilities will transform your computer experience.

Whether searching for files, securely encrypting or deleting sensitive data, managing your everyday use of windows and more. Try OnClick Utilities today and see how it works for you.


Faster than a speeding bullet
Quickly search your whole disk for documents, programs, hidden files, MP3s, image files, and more.


Undelete files after trashing
For any file types including NTFS compressed and NTFS encrypted files.


Securely shred data
Securely delete files with military grade deletion so no program can ever recover it.


Verify files as identical
Ensure the files you download or copy are identical to the originals.


Military grade encryption
Ensure the files you want to keep safe and out of view from others stay that way.


Encrypt/decrypt files and Text
Quickly encrypt/decrypt files, folders, and text within any document, including emails.


Easily update large files
A very convenient program for sending frequent updates of any kind of data.

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OnClick Help
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OnClick Utilities

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OnClick Utilities

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