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There's nothing that gives us greater pleasure than when we receive an unsolicited comment from a user of our software...


  • SyncBackPro Saves the Day!
    I don't normally send unsolicited praise to software product developers, but in your case I'm moved to do so.

    I just wanted you to know that I am extremely happy with all aspects (functionality, reliability, ease of use, documentation, etc) of SyncBackPro (and SE as well). Also I am impressed with your customer communication practices and your very reasonable update/upgrade policies.

    Tom Moore, Kinection, Canada

  • Superb Customer Service
    Thank you for your amazingly expeditious response - especially late on a Sunday evening! I was already a big fan of SyncBackSE, having recommended it to several of my colleagues; but this superb customer service effort has me all the more excited to recommend not only your product, but your company.


    Leigh Martin, Siemens Industry Security Solutions & Services

  • SyncBackPro: It Saved My Skin!
    "SyncBack is one of the best programs I have ever used. As soon as I tried the free edition I knew that I wanted to buy. After using SE for 5 years I got a new computer and the first program to go on it was SyncBackPro. I didn't even need to evaluate it - I've come to trust that you know what you are doing, and deliver great value for money!

    For any Windows developer, SyncBackPro is the ideal backup solution - delivering all you want through a superb UI and working realiably for month after month. It has saved my skin quite a few times."

    Stephen Hosking Windows, Mobile and Web Developer. Adelaide, Australia

  • Polite Upgrade and Excellent Software!
    I've just upgraded to version 7. Usually when software vendors do this periodic upgrade ambush, I get very annoyed. But you have made the process so transparent, and so "undemanding", clearly giving the opportunity to continue with the old version, that I was positively pleased to pay for the upgrade. And it's excellent software too!"

    Peter Ellefsen, Pan Technology

  • A Definite Must-Have for the Serious Computer User
    "Having a backup of your information is more vital now than ever before... There are many such utilities on the market, a lot of which I have tested personally over the years. But none are as useful and user-friendly as the subject of this review: SyncBack Pro.

    SyncBack Pro is a VERY powerful program. It can make your digital life almost worry-free, as far as file integrity and redundancy goes. The verified copy function alone makes it well worth the cost. A simple Windows Copy command doesn’t give you that - you actually would have no idea if a file was copied correctly or not until disaster strikes, and you need the backup file. By then, it would be too late.

    I’ve recently run many backups of my digital image library between my NAS box and external drives. Over 40,000 files each time, and not a single problem reported or found. This app simply works... and works very reliably.

    A definite must-have for the serious computer user."

    Mark Mattson, Computer Users of Erie. North West Pennsylvania, US.

Awards and Editorial

A tiny selection from the numerous awards and editorial plaudits 2BrightSparks have enjoyed (click the arrows to see more).


  • Backup Review
    SyncBackPro: Best In Class
    SyncBackPro is the most powerful backup and synchronization utility in its class.
    Geoff Akerlund,

  • PC & Tech Autority
    Versatile Backup and Synchronising
    2BrightSparks has unveiled SyncBackSE 7 and SyncBackPro 7, a major update for its powerful backup and file sync application. Mike Williams, Read the full article... | SyncBackSE V7 Review

  • PC World Class AwardSyncBack: World Class Since Launch
    SyncBackSE was awarded a World Class Award within six months of its launch in the utility category, July 2005, by PC World Magazine. The winners showed "exemplary design and usability, features, performance, innovation, and price".

    "World Class Awards set the standard for excellence in the high-tech and consumer electronics industries," stated Harry McCracken, editor in chief of PC World. Now in Version 7 and with three versions - SyncBackFree, SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro, everyone can backup using the best there is.

  • Best Web ToolThe Webmaster's Tool of Choice
    SyncBackPro has been awarded and recommended as top rated file backup and file synchronization software by Web Hosting Search.

    "SyncBackPro is superb software that allows webmasters to gain full security of their site and its content by backing up all its data..."

  • Find The Best Backup Software
    Experts Choose SyncBackPro, and Users Vote for SyncBackSE As Their #1 Software
    SyncBackPro has acheived a 100/100 Smart Rating in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 which reflects the weighted average of scores from the most trusted experts.

    SyncBackSE was #1 in the People's Choice Awards voting through PC World for two consecutive years.

    You'll be pleased to hear that today SyncBackSE has improved a great deal since being awarded the People's Choice Awards as a result of constant updates, and SyncBackPro delivers even more power and performance.

    SyncBackSE received the largest number of votes through PC World of any software product in the 2007 and 2008 Shareware Industry Awards. The SIAF "People's Choice Awards" were created so software users would have the opportunity to vote for their favorite software programs.

    While we have numerous awards from technical reviewers, being selected as a People's Choice winner by the public gives all of us at 2BrightSparks the greatest pleasure, and is the best indication that our software should be your choice too.

  • Lifehacker Top 10SyncBack: Lifehacker Top 10 Free Windows File Wranglers
    "...SyncBack freeware, an incredibly robust backup utility that backs up or synchronizes data between your hard drive and an external drive or FTP server (for off-site backup.) Configure multiple profiles to run at times you schedule, and get email notifications if something goes wrong..."

    Lifehacker has received rave reviews as an outstanding blog and was Wired Magazine's Best Blog in their annual Rave Awards ceremony. Lifehacker has also been mentioned in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and PC Magazine.

PC World
  From PC World, the largest circulating PC magazine on the planet: If we show you how to back up your PC for free, will you finally do it?

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