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PatchOnClick PatchOnClick is an easy to use program that allows you to send and receive updates to large files without having to send or receive the whole file each time.

Sending and receiving smaller patch files is less burdensome on servers, firewalls, and security programs which scan data as it is sent and received.

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PatchOnClick Freeware Version

Download the less powerful Freeware Version of PatchOnClick. The commercial version includes being able to use command line parameters.


PatchOnClick is particularly valuable when frequent updates of files are sent via email, over the Internet, or via a Network.

License: Freeware and Commercial Software

What PatchOnClick can do

Create patch files for any Windows file.
Patch files with a three stage wizard.
Patch verification.
Progress bar.
Summary of patch information window.
Warning dialog window if patch already exists.
Freeware version to patch files.
Compatible with Windows 8.

Additional Benefits of the Commercial Program

Part of OnClick Utilities
Command line parameters may be used.
Part of OnClick Utilities Hash files can be created.
Part of OnClick Utilities Patch files can be created using hash files (so the original unmodified file is no longer required).
Part of OnClick Utilities Can create self-executing patch files
Part of OnClick Utilities
Complete help file and free technical support.

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