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2BrightSparks: Developers of SyncBack and SyncBackPro. Backup, Synchronization, and Restoration software for local drive, network drive, FTP, Zip archive, or any removable media.
100% Clean Software
SyncBackSE Rest assured that all software from 2BrightSparks is completely free from Spyware, Viruses, and other unwanted invasions.

2BrightSparks Pte Ltd: Trusted Worldwide

Our software is used by governments, the US military, police departments, hospitals, Universities, corporate businesses, non profit organizations, and hundreds of thousands of individual users worldwide.

No Nasties Cast Iron Guarantee
2BrightSparks No Nasties Gurentee All software developed by 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd is free from Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Adware, and Malware. Guaranteed!

We provide Hash Values for all our files so you can check what you download is exactly what we upload onto our server. You may Validate Our Software at any time against a list of hash values using our freeware HashOnClick.

Spurious Reporting and Listings

2BrightSparks Website Security Certificate

2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd. has a current SSL Certificate to provide secure web pages and services. The Thawte Trusted Site Seal which may be clicked on the left lets visiters to our site verify our certificate.

Clicking the site seal will open a new browser window and show the verified domain name (www.2brightsparks.com), the certificate authority Thawte and the certificate’s validity period.

2BrightSparks StopTheHacker Certificate

This seal is issued to 2brightsparks.com by StopTheHacker Inc.

Our website is independantly monitored every day by StopTheHacker who checks for: Blacklist and Reputation; Virus and Malware; PHP Spam Shell Detection etc.

These additional measures ensure our website, software downloads and service is as clean as possible.

Independent Vetting

In addition to our many Awards and Testimonials, independent sites regularly vet our software for Spyware, Adware, Malware and Viruses:

Software Informer

Software Informer confirms that SyncBackPro is 100% clean.

Verify Listing

LO4D Certification

LO4D.com confirms that SyncBackSE is 100% clean.

Verify Listing

Spurious Reporting and Listings

False Positives

A "false positive", also known as a "false alarm", occurs when anti-virus, spyware protection, anti-keylogging, or anti-hacking software detects a legitimate and trusted program, folder, or file as a problem, when in fact there is no threat.

Contact Us Our software has in the past been incorrectly flagged. Please Contact Us if you observe any program that provides spurious reports that our software is a threat. We will then immediately contact the program developers so they can fix the error in their program as soon as possible. We also encourage you to do the same.

How Anti Virus and Security Software Companies Can Make BIG Mistakes

Read articles that report a few of the many "false positives" prominent security software companies have made:

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7

Buggy McAfee update whacks Windows XP PCs

AVG incorrectly flags user32.dll in Windows XP SP2/SP3

Flawed Symantec update cripples Chinese PCs

Botched McAfee update shutting down corporate XP machines worldwide

External Website Listings

2BrightSparks have no control over the way external websites describe and feature their software. There have been occasions when our software has been incorrectly named, or a download for freeware has been incorrectly linked to a trial. Please Contact Us detailing the URL where you observed this error.We also encourage you to contact the website in question.

Pirated Software

Be aware that using illegal methods to obtain a serial number may result in unwanted consequences.

Known False Positives and Spurious Site Listings

SyncBackPro users: Upgrade to Latest Version (the version is shown on the top left of the program window).

SyncBackSE users: Upgrade to Latest Version (the version is shown on the top left of the program window).
Program or Website False Positive Report Status
Panda Internet security 2015

The install stops and a message states there is a virus attached to SyncBackPro V7.

This issue can be resolved by moving the installation file "SyncBackPro_Setup.exe" from the download folder.

Reporting Error
Avast Virus Chest 2014.09.17

Quarantines "SBSE___.5GP and SBSE___.RVB" reported as malware. These are two temporary copies and are not files distributed as part of SyncBackSE.

Reporting Error
ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Reported SyncBackPro_Setup.exe contained a variant of Win32/Kryptik.ELS trojan. ESET were very prompt in updating their database and their latest updates no longer contains this error.

Reporting Error
KPN telecommunications and ICT service provider, The Netherlands

"PC veiling" (PC Safe) spuriously reports website as unsafe.

Reporting Error
Sonicwall Router

Our web store which is hosted by our payment processor is blocked and reported as a "Forbidden Category: Gambling".

The domain esellerate.net does not host and is not used for any gambling Web site. In fact, eSellerate's policies prohibit their clients from even selling gambling-related software, books or information.

Reporting Error
AVG Version: 2012.0.1873
Virus database release 2011.12.13

"Infection - Virus found VBS/Downloader. Agent MOTD.vbs". The MOTD.vbs is a simple example VB script to show what can be done with installable scripting in SyncBackPro. The script retrieves a 'message of the day' from a web server (if new). The "Downloader.agent" is also referenced.

Reporting Error
Symantec Endpoint Detection

syncbackpro.dll presented as suspicious cloud. syncbackpro.dll is used by SyncBackPro to record events in the Windows Event Log. The file has been tested and Norton Antivirus is reporting a false positive. The file has been tested and is being reported as a false positive.

Reporting Error
Norton Internet Security 11 & 12

Detected As: WS.Trojan.H in file syncbackpro.dll and Suspicious.Cloud.5.

Reporting Error

Awards and Industry Associations

2BrightSparks has been awarded multiple Independent Awards including the prestigious PC World magazine World Class Award. Our software was also the only backup product recommended by name at the first Annual Information & Internet Security Conference, and 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd is a member of the following independent professional software associations that aim to ensure good industry practice:

go to The Association of Shareware Professionals web site OISV Software Industry Professionals website

Member of the The Association of Shareware Professionals

The Association of Shareware Professionals deliver high quality software. Members share information and advice and subscribe to a code of ethics.

OISV Charter Member

The OISV is is the largest organization of independent software vendors, marketers, retailers and distributors in the World that combine their resources to create better and affordable software for users.

Member of The Software Industry Professionals

The Software Industry Professionals group aims to encourage excellence in the software industry.


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