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System Requirements: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, 2008, 2003, or XP


InfoHesiveEP:  Repurpose Existing Content. Output to PDF, HTML, CHM, ePub to ensure your publication is delivered to Windows, Mac, Phone, Kindle, Sony Reader, & Mobile Devices.

Publish to Windows, Mac, iPhone etc.

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From the developers of SyncBackPro, InfoHesiveEP is an easy to use free digital content conversion program and ePublisher suite for individuals, authors, publishers, educational institutions, and commercial businesses.


InfoHesiveEP In A Nutshell

From the developers of SyncBackPro comes InfoHesiveEP Freeware.

InfoHesiveEP is a digital publisher providing rich import and export functionality, a great authoring environment, and an incredible range of features that assist in the drafting process. InfoHesiveEP even lets you build trial versions and generates serial numbers so your ePublications are protected from piracy and illegal copying.

Review the Features and Benefits to see how InfoHesiveEP helps you connect with your audience...

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InfoHesiveEP is Free!
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"I have been struggling for weeks with how to convert an EPUB file to a really well formatted MOBI file for Kindle. All the many converters I have tried are junk. InfoHesiveEP did the job so well I was astounded.

Thanks so much for making this resource available free of charge."

Dennis Rivers
InfoHesiveEP User
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Build digital publications and distribute across platforms today using InfoHesiveEP.

ePublishing Made Easy - for Everyone!

Easily create professional level eBooks, Help Files, ePublications, and PDFs with the feature-rich editor.
Import and Export to a wide range of formats including CHM, HTML, and ePub.
Build trial versions & generate serial numbers so your ePublications are protected from piracy & illegal copying.
Superb Outliner functions, and automated creation of Contents and Index pages.
Repurpose existing content for your audience.
Build eBooks that require no software to run.
Produce high quality Help Files and support documentation for your products and services.
Open Windows Help Files, or import & annotate.
Import PDF, Rich Text, HTML, CHM, & TXT.
Output to PDF, HTML, CHM, ePub to ensure your publication is delivered to Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, & Mobile Devices.

InfoHesiveEP: Author your content then publish to the world. Click for more...

ePublishing has become an essential tool in communicating with an audience as ebooks, PDF and CHM help files are so easily distributed via email or over the Internet. As ebooks increasingly form part of the promotional strategy of businesses and organizations, and as hardware ebook readers like the Kindle and Sony Reader become commonplace, well authored ebooks, whether a stand-alone ebook like InfoHesiveEP builds, ePub e-books, or chm e books, all improve the connection between audience and business.

InfoHesiveEP ensures the authorship process is supported within a straightforward interface. Building e-books that can be read by ebook readers, pdf, html, rich text and chm programs, and exported to the standard .Mobi file which can be read by Kindle, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericson devices make InfoHesive not only a great digital publisher, but also the perfect digital publishing conversion software.

Click to find out about SyncBackPro Like InfoHesiveEP, Love SyncBackPro InfoHesiveEP has it's own version backup feature built in which is great, however if you need to backup all your important documents (including open & locked files) to hard drive, CD/DVD, FTP, Email, take a look at the best out there: SyncBackPro.

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