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InfoHesiveEP boasts an impressive range of features that will help you create stunning ePublications.

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A digital publisher with rich import and export functionality, a great authoring and editor environment, and an incredible range of features.


2BrightSparks 100% Freeware

Our freeware is free for personal, educational, charity, government, and commercial use.

No Spyware, Trojans, Viruses, or Advertisements
No Nag Screens
No Registrations
No Payments
No Collection of Demographic Information
No Unauthorised Internet Connections

InfoHesiveEP is a Free Upgrade to all InfoHesive V1 Licensees! Click to Download or Update

Build digital publications and distribute across platforms today using InfoHesiveEP.


Repurpose Content, Author, then Publish

InfoHesiveEP Freeware provides an easy way to convert existing digital content, and allows you to originate and edit work with the view to publishing to a broad range of digital formats.

Import your documents, HTML, and help manuals, tidy up any inconsistencies using the on-board InfoHesiveEP editor, then export to PDF or a range of formats that can be read across platforms: Windows, Apple, Mobile Phone etc.

InfoHesiveEP also provides powerful features that let you organize, retrieve, and share your information during the drafting process. The latest version of InfoHesiveEP even lets you build trial versions and generate serial numbers so your ePublications are protected from piracy and illegal copying.

There are essentially three steps to publishing your ePublications:

Step 1: Import existing content or author new content.

Next Step

Step 2: Edot content, layout, and fine tune the Publication.

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Step 3: Export to eBook, PDF, HTML, Help File etc.

The Publishing Workflow

The Publishing Workflow describes what work should be done, and what order to do it. A simple workflow is shown above and outlines the general tasks required to generate the published work. You might have noticed there is however one other step that is not covered in the three stage workflow above: distribution.

Review a more detailed publishing workflow that publishers will use by clicking the graphic below:

Click to see the complete InfoHesiveEP WorkFlow.

InfoHesiveEP InfoHesiveEP Top 15 Features

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Fully functional Freeware. No nag messages, registrations, or payments!
Import and Export to a wide range of formats including CHM, HTML, and ePub.

Easily create professional level eBooks, Help Files, ePublications, and PDFs with the feature-rich editor.

Build trial versions and generate serial numbers so your ePublications are protected from piracy and illegal copying.

Superb Outliner functions including drag and drop to easily change the structure of your work, and automated creation of Contents and Index pages.

Reuse your favorite layouts by defining your own Outliner Templates.
Quickly categorize and recognize Articles according to user-defined Tab labelling.

Lifetime Royalty-free distribution of InfoHesiveEP publications: Windows eBook, PDF, HTML, CHM Help File, RTF & more.

Powerful onboard search capability.
Version backups allow you to quickly revert to an earlier draft.
WorkSpace and ePublication encryption and security functions.
Create content with rich text, images, links, tables, anchors etc.
Create File Items that point to a File and URL Items that point to a remote web address.
Drag and Drop functionality.
Spell Check and on-board Thesaurus.
Extensive InfoHesiveEP Help File.
InfoHesiveEP Price

InfoHesiveEP Freeware

InfoHesiveEP is free for personal, educational, charity, government, and commercial use!

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InfoHesive Templates


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Download the free Pre-Designed InfoHesiveEP Templates.

InfoHesive Help File Software Development Kit (SDK)

InfoHesiveEP SDK

Help File Software Dev Kit

Download the free InfoHesiveEP Help File SDK for Borland Delphi programmers that aids developers as they produce software help files.

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