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Step by step instructions on how to enter your software serial number

Licensing InfoHesiveEP

Your first step is to open your order conformation email that contains your serial number and to highlight it.

Do not try to manually enter the serial number as errors can easily be made.

Copy your serial number (hold "Ctrl" and "C"), then run InfoHesive which will automatically paste it into the appropriate place. You then only need to click the "OK" button to license the program.

Step By Step Licensing Instructions

If you are currently running the evaluation version, close down the program making sure it is not running from the task bar.

Copy and paste your serial number. Here's how:

1 Click your left mouse button after you have positioned your curser immediately before the very first digit of your serial number (continue to hold the mouse button down):

ensure you click immediately after the last digit of your serial number

2 While holding down the left mouse button drag your mouse right so the entire serial number is highlighted:

your serial number is highlighted

3 Release your left mouse button once so the serial number continues to be highlighted.

4 Hold down and keep the "Ctrl" key pressed (the "Ctrl" key is often located on the lower left of your keyboard).

5 While keeping the "Ctrl" key pressed, press the "C" key.

6 Run InfoHesive (the Serial number will be automatically pasted into the appropriate field):

7 Click the "OK" button (if the "OK" button cannot be seen then the serial number has been incorrectly entered):

Evaluation screen with OK button highlighted

Note also that the Lost/Forgotten Serial Number button is not available once a correct serial number has been pasted.


InfoHesiveEP will now be licensed and the evaluation version unlocked.

Trouble Shooting

Issues to check if you are still having problems:

Ensure you have downloaded and installed the current version of InfoHesiveEP

The Serial Number may not have been copied to the clipboard successfully. Try again.

Ensure your system clock is showing the current date and time.

InfoHesive is already validated. Go to the program "Help" > "About" menu item to check

Your system has blocked access to the clipboard. In that case, type it in carefully. Note that the letter “O” is not used – only zeros

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