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SyncBack Monitor

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SyncBack Monitor allows the user to remotely monitor and control SyncBackPro/SyncBackSE instances running on computers on the same local network via an Android App.


Please note that SyncBack Monitor is free and will work only with SyncBackPro/SyncBackSE V9 (and newer) and does not support SyncBackFree.


To use it, you first need to enable access to your SyncBack installation:


Start SyncBackPro / SyncBackSE


Go to the Remote Control settings page in Global Settings


Tick the checkbox Allow remote control connections


Enter a password (required). You then need to configure SyncBack Monitor on your Android device(s) to use the same password.





The (Android) device's WiFi must be enabled and connected on the same local network as the computers running SyncBackPro/SyncBackSE.


If you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), either on the device running SyncBack Monitor and/or on the device running SyncBackPro, then it's very likely that it will not work.


Passwords are case-sensitive and SyncBack Monitor will locate any running instances of SyncBackPro/SyncBackSE on the same network that use the exact same password.


In SyncBack Monitor, any found instances of SyncBackPro/SyncBackSE will be added in the drop-down list which you can select and connect to by clicking the green button next to it.


Once connected then you can view the profiles and their states in the grid list and you will be able to start, stop, pause and resume them using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.



Any profiles started via the SyncBack Monitor will be run unattended. Also, as SyncBack Monitor does not show groups, profiles run via the SyncBack Monitor are run stand-alone and not as part of a group. This may be important if you are using group variables, for example.




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