Why Use DeleteOnClick?

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Why Use DeleteOnClick?

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Uses for ScrambleOnClick


ScrambleOnClick is an extremely useful program for anyone who needs to send sensitive information or private text segments within a document.


High Security in ScrambleOnClick


ScrambleOnClick uses the highly secure "Twofish" encryption standard when scrambling text.


Twofish is a symmetric block cipher that accepts keys of any length up to 256 bits, and has been designed to be very secure and flexible. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US recognize Twofish developed by Bruce Schneier as an encryption method that is virtually unbreakable.


Bruce Schneier is a world-renowned expert on computer cryptography, and is also the inventor of the Blowfish encryption algorithm. Blowfish is a keyed, symmetric block cipher, designed in 1993 by Mr Schneier and continues to be included in a large number of cipher suites and encryption products.


Examples of Using ScrambleOnClick


Protecting Passwords and Other Sensitive Information in Emails


ScrambleOnClick allows you to quickly send passwords and sensitive information in emails.


For example, the email you are sending to several of your colleagues may contain a password that you do not want anyone other than one of the recipients to view. Start ScrambleOnClick, select the text you wish to encrypt, press "Ctrl" "C" "C", then scramble the text "in-place". It is that simple.


Everyone who has been copied can view your email, but only those who you have shared the appropriate encryption key with, can view the unencrypted text.


Scramble Sensitive Information in Word Processing Documents


ScrambleOnClick can be used to significantly reduce the time spent on document preparation, and makes distribution far more efficient.


Let's say that although you have drafted a document you wish others to view, there are sections within the document you only want certain members of your team to read.


ScrambleOnClick will allow you to securely scramble that part of the document you wish to keep private from some individuals, while allowing others who use the appropriate password to view all the document. There is no need to edit several documents for different audiences anymore.


Distributing Confidential and Valuable Information


There are many occasions when you need to distribute confidential or valuable information over the Internet. This may be your bank account details, passwords, or other valuable information.


Although you may have ensured you never use unsecured email to send sensitive data, many people are unsure about how to securely send messages or data via email, nor do they want the inconvenience of having to securely encrypt the data in a separate encrypted document that then needs to be attached to their email.


ScrambleOnClick allows you to easily scramble selected text with military grade encryption easily and simply using a few key strokes. Unscrambling is as intuitive.




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