System Requirements

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System Requirements

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System Requirements


There is no minimum memory requirement when using OnClick Utilities. OnClick Utilities requires Windows 2000 or newer and can be used with 64-bit versions of Windows.


Special considerations apply to the following programs:




You will need enough free disk space to view and search for files.


Because of its low-level access to your drives, it is advisable that you have Administrator privileges in Windows to install and use FindOnClick. If you run FindOnClick without Administrator privileges, then it will fall-back to using the standard Windows method of searching for files, which will result in a much slower search.




You must have enough free disk space to encrypt and decrypt files.




Administrator rights are required to undelete files.


If attempting to undelete a file or files it is very important that you do not write to disk. If you want to recover files now read Using UndeleteOnClick before continuing.



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