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Getting Help

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Help! Online and Printable Support Resources


As a user of OnClick Utilities, you can enjoy extensive support from 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd. Your first port of call for support is to read this help file which can be accessed online or as a help file via the help button in FindOnClick, UndeleteOnClick, and PatchOnClick.


You can also open the OnClick Utilities help file by going to Start > All Programs > 2BrightSparks > OnClick Program > Help.


The installable version of this help file is available at:


The online version of this help file is available at:


Online Support from 2BrightSparks


Our online support is among the best in the industry, and our extensive Support Area features our KnowledgeBase and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).


Email Support


You must use our Support Ticketing service for email support which is available to all licensed users at:


Support Ticketing ensures that we keep the appropriate records of your support request and our response history to you. This helps us deliver better service to all our customers as we respond promptly, with the ability to audit the effectiveness of our responses, and generally improve the quality of our support. In addition, analysis of our support performance and the frequency level of specific support requests also lead to improving our software.


We trust you understand the importance we place on the high quality of our software and service, and therefore we must follow procedures that are of greatest benefit to the majority of our users.


Direct email support requests will be ignored.




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