DeleteOnClick Frequently Asked Questions

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DeleteOnClick Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


These FAQs aim to help you understand ScrambleOnClick better, and quickly solve any difficulties that you might encounter.


Q: What can I scramble and unscramble?


A: ScrambleOnClick can scramble any editable text: email programs, text editors, word processors, spreadsheets, PDF documents, HTML documents etc.


Q: How secure is ScrambleOnClick?


A: ScrambleOnClick has military grade encryption and has been developed from the ground up with security in mind.


Q: How secure is sending sensitive information via email?


A: Never send sensitive information via email without first encrypting that information. Email is not generally a secure  communication medium unless specific security measure like digitally signing and encrypting your e-mails. ScrambleOnClick allows you to use your standard email program, and send emails with "in-place" military grade encryption that doesn't require email certification.


Q: I cannot Unscramble a message in my email program. Why?


A: Email programs often place additional line breaks in messages. These additional line breaks will however introduce spurious blank spaces into the encryption block, and the unscrambling will not work appropriately.


This problem can be addressed by ensuring the option "Split the scrambled block into rows - each of "x" characters long" in the ScrambleOnClick Miscellaneous Settings Window has been selected with no more than a 40 character limit.


Q: I've forgotten my master password, can you help?


A: No. Important: Make a note of your ScrambleOnClick password in a secure location. It is not possible to recover lost passwords by any means.


Q: Why does a window say I cannot copy to the clipboard?


A: ScrambleOnClick cannot scramble images or content other than text. If you attempt for example to copy an image file to the clipboard using the "Ctrl" "C" "C" keys the following error message will appear:






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