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Automated Backups
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Automated 'set it and forget it' backups with SyncBackSE

Step 3 - Scheduling the Backup

SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro allow you to run profiles from a schedule. Read on about the procedure following the simple steps detailed on this page.

In the main window of SyncBackSE/Pro click on the profile you want to be scheduled to backup automatically:

SyncBackSE Main Window: click to enlarge

Then click the Schedule button in the toolbar at the bottom:

Confirm screenshot

Click the Yes button. The following dialog will appear:

Please click the "Set password..." button on the next screen to enter your login password.

If you do not enter your login password then the scheduled task will fail to run. Also, by default you cannot use an empty/blank password.

The dialog box (above) is a warning to make sure you enter your Windows login password on the following window. What is your Windows login password? It's the password you enter when you start Windows. If you don not have a login password then you can ignore the warning and there's no need to enter a password. Click OK to continue.

If you have a Windows login password then click the Set password…button and enter it:

Scheduling screenshot

By default your profile will run at 9am every day. If you want to change this then click the Schedule tab and make the changes required.

Click the OK button. The Set Password window will open:

Set Password

Enter your password and click the OK button.

Scheduling screenshot

The window above will now appear giving you a summary of what the schedule is. Click the OK button which is located on the lower right (not shown in the above screenshot).

Congratulations! Your important files are now being backed up daily, and without you even needing to be anywhere near the computer for it to happen. It will all be done automatically: every morning your computer will switch itself on and SyncBackSE/Pro will make a backup of your files.

The following page provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning the procedure we've outlined in this e-book.

Automated Backups
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