Upgrade Assurance for SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro

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Upgrade Assurance for SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro

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You can now sign up for Upgrade Assurance which is an annual subscription service. Subscribed customers will get upgrades to major version releases for free as well as priority support via our support ticketing channel.


Upgrade Assurance customers will continue to enjoy these benefits as long as they stay subscribed. This subscription program is open for new and upgrading customers of SyncBackSE/Pro.



What is the cost for Upgrade Assurance?


SyncBack Upgrade Assurance costs a small amount and is chargeable on a per-seat basis (for each license purchase of SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro).


Customers need to purchase the same number of Upgrade Assurance subscriptions that are equivalent to the number of SyncBackSE/Pro licenses (or upgrade licenses) they plan to purchase. For example, if you are buying 5 SyncBackPro licenses, then you will need to purchase 5 SyncBackPro Upgrade Assurance subscriptions as well.


As a subscription service, the charges are automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date of your Upgrade Assurance purchase. You will be notified 2 weeks before the scheduled payment and you can cancel the subscription at anytime by logging into your customer account management portal.



What are the benefits for signing up for Upgrade Assurance?


As a subscribed member, you no longer need to pay for upgrade fees with every launch of a new major version release. You will also get priority support from our support helpdesk. Subscribed members who submit a support ticket will be flagged automatically by our support system, which we will attend to before normal priority tickets. Please note that the support hours and scope of coverage remains the same as outlined in our Support Policy.



How to purchase Upgrade Assurance?


You can purchase Upgrade Assurance at our web-store, within the sub-pages of SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro.


Please note that Upgrade Assurance is only available through SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro purchases. You have the option to purchase Upgrade Assurance during a new purchase of SyncBackSE/Pro license as well as upgrading from an older version of SyncBackSE/Pro.



Can I purchase Upgrade Assurance as a stand-alone product?


Upgrade Assurance will be available for purchase if you have purchased SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro within the past 30 days. This is to allow customers who did not buy the Upgrade Assurance during the SyncBack purchase to do so within 30 days of their purchase.


After that period, customers will have the option to buy Upgrade Assurance during the next major version release when they upgrade their SyncBackSE/Pro license.


To see if you are eligible to purchase Upgrade Assurance as a stand-alone product, visit our Upgrade Checker page and enter your SyncBackSE/Pro serial number.



How do I cancel my Upgrade Assurance subscription?


You can cancel your Upgrade Assurance subscription from our customer account management site. Enter the email address registered during your purchase, and an email with a link to access your account will be sent to your mailbox. Click on the link to go to your customer portal and you can cancel your subscription from the Subscription tab.



What happens to my SyncBackSE/Pro license if Upgrade Assurance is cancelled midway through the subscription?


If you cancel your Upgrade Assurance subscription, your SyncBackSE/Pro license will continue to be valid. You can continue to use the SyncBack version which you have at the time (i.e., at the time of subscription cancellation) indefinitely without any further charges. However, you will no longer be provided with free SyncBack upgrades nor priority support.


When a major SyncBackSE/Pro version is released in the future, you have the option to purchase the new version at an upgrade price as well as sign up for a new Upgrade Assurance subscription again.


You can visit our Upgrade Checker page to review your upgrade options.



Will there be a refund for cancelling Upgrade Assurance subscription?


When Upgrade Assurance subscription is cancelled, there will be no refunds. Upgrade Assurance will be valid until the end of your renewal date. When the renewal date is reached, Upgrade Assurance will not be auto-renewed and your subscription will expire.


Customers without an Upgrade Assurance subscription can continue to use whichever SyncBack version that is current prior to the subscription expiry. Unsubscribed customers with an existing SyncBackSE/Pro license have the option to buy upgrade license for future major version releases.



When Upgrade Assurance is added to my order, the option to pay by Wire Transfer and/or Purchase Order is removed. Why?


Please note that it is not possible to pay through Wire Transfer/Purchase Order when Upgrade Assurance is added to your order. This is because the subscription requires a credit card or Paypal payment option to automatically deduct the annual fees from your card/paypal account.


It would not be possible to make a future deduction through wire transfer/purchase order payments since they are considered one-time transactions. If payment through wire transfer/purchase order is required, Upgrade Assurance has to be removed from the selection first.




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