SyncBack Touch

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SyncBack Touch

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By using the SyncBack Management Service (SBMS) you can manage remote installations of SyncBackPro. An alternative is instead of installing SyncBackPro on each computer you install SyncBack Touch on each device (Windows, macOS or Android). SyncBack then talks to SyncBack Touch on those devices to backup or synchronize with them. SyncBack Touch can also be configured to use SBMS for security (so credentials are centralized).


The benefits of using SyncBack Touch are:


Cross platform support (Windows, OS X or Android)

There's no need to install SyncBack and configure on each device, instead you install SyncBack Touch on each device

You can backup multiple devices using one installation of SyncBack

As all the profiles are in SyncBack you don't need to do any on the devices using SyncBack Touch



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