Mount SyncBack Container

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Mount SyncBack Container

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All installations of SyncBack include the Mount SyncBack Container utility. This simple utility lets you mount (read-only) a legacy SyncBack Container.


Before you can mount a container, you must install the driver in Windows. To install the drivers:


In the Start menu, right-click on the Mount SyncBack Container entry, and select More -> Run as administrator from the pop-up menu.

Click Yes to run it as an administrator.

Click the Mount Container button.

Click the Drivers must be installed first... text at the top of the window.

A Success dialog window will appear. Click OK.

The drivers are now installed. You only need to do this once.



To mount an existing container run the Mount SyncBack Container utility (you do not need to run it as administrator):


Click the Mount Container button.

Click the folder button and select the container file

Choose the drive letter to mount the container to

If the container is encrypted, enter the password

Click OK to mount the container

In Windows File Explorer you should now be able to see if container mounted on the drive you selected




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