Importing V3 Profiles

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Importing V3 Profiles

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Upgrading from SyncBack/SE V3 to SyncBackPro V8


If you've been using SyncBack/SE V3 you would have already created profiles. To import your profiles you will be asked to browse to the appropriate location on your computer. If you installed SyncBack/SE V3 using the default settings, SyncBackPro V8 will locate your profiles automatically for you, and you need only click 'OK' in the pop-up explorer-type window.


You may create a profile at any time by using the 'New' button on the lower menu, or selecting 'New' from the 'Profiles' main menu located at the top of the program window.


Learn more about Exporting/Importing Profiles in SyncBackPro.


Directory Selections


Under certain situations the directory selections for a profile cannot be completely converted to the new format. Profiles that may not be converted correctly have the following characteristics in SyncBack V3 Freeware:


- The profile has the Let me choose which sub-directories to include option enabled (see point 1 below).


- The Ignore new directories (improves performance) option is not enabled (see point 2 below).


- A child directory (with no child directories of its own) has been selected but its parent directory has not been selected (see point 3 below).


SyncBack Freeware Screenshot



In the following situation when the settings are converted, two of the directory selections are lost (see point 4 below):


SyncBackPro V8 Screenshot




As you can see above, the directories sub-directory 1.1.1 and sub-directory 5.1.1 are no longer selected.


When SyncBackPro V8 is first run it will convert your profiles. If any of your profiles may have lost directory selections, then a warning message will appear listing the profiles that may be affected:




In the example shown above of a profile called SyncBack Freeware the sub-folders sub-directory 1.1.1 and sub-directory 5.1.1 are affected and so the warning dialog is given.


The new folder and file selections in V8 will now allow for complete control over what is to be copied and ignored. Unfortunately it is impossible to do a complete conversion of the old folder selection settings due to the storage method used in previous versions. We apologize for the inconvenience.





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