Compression, Encryption

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Compression, Encryption

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Encryption method: If you wish to password protect the contents of the files in the Zip file then choose the encryption method to use. AES encryption is more secure but not as portable. For example, "Old style" encrypted Zip files can be decrypted and extracted using practically any 3rd party Zip program. However, AES encrypted Zip files can only be decrypted and extracted using newer 3rd party Zip programs, e.g. WinZip 9.


Password: If you want to password protect the files in the compressed archive then enter a password here. It's important to note that if you change the password then the existing files in the destination will still use the old password. Each file in a compressed archive has its own password. The maximum password length is 79 characters.


Prompt for the password when run (profile will fail if run unattended): If this option is enabled then every time the profile is run SyncBack will prompt you for the compression password. If the profile is being run unattended, then no prompt will be displayed and the profile run will fail.


Encrypt and compress the filenames and details: SyncBack can optionally encrypt and compress the filenames and file details in the Zip file. By doing this, anyone who opens the Zip file (to see the file list) will be unable to see anything without knowing the password. This encryption method is compatible with PKWare SecureZip. It is not compatible with the same feature in WinZip and 7-Zip. To use this option some other options must be set first:


oAll files must be put into a single Zip file

oThe Deflated or BZip2 compression method must be used

oThe encryption method must be AES

oSplit Zip files cannot be used

oSelf-extracting Zip files cannot be used

oThe compression level must be greater than zero (i.e. it must be compressed)




Note that you are entirely responsible for remembering the password used. It is not possible under any circumstances for 2BrightSparks to recover lost passwords.



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