Upgrading Cloud Service

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Upgrading Cloud Service

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Upgrading Dropbox and OneDrive Cloud API


When you upgrade from an earlier version of SyncBackPro, or import a profile from an earlier version of SyncBackPro, and the profile is using Dropbox, OneDrive (Personal or Business) or SharePoint, then SyncBackPro will continue using the old (legacy) interface with that cloud service. This ensures your profile continues to work. However, it is recommended that you update the profile to use the new cloud API.


Dropbox V1 (legacy) profiles stopped working 28th September 2017.


To do this:


Run the profile to make sure all changed files are copied etc. to or from the cloud.

Make a copy of the profile (select the profile in the main window and press Ctrl-C, or right-click on the profile and select Copy from the pop-up menu) and give the copy a new name, e.g. New Cloud Backup Profile

Modify your original profile, go to the Cloud settings page and click the Delete DB button.

You may then be prompted to ask if you would like to switch from the old cloud API. If so, click Yes.

After the cloud database has been deleted, if you already have a linked cloud account for the new cloud service then you will be prompted if you would like to use that account. If you do not have a linked account then you must re-authorize SyncBackPro with the cloud service.

Save the profile and run it attended (it is critical it is run attended and not unattended). To do this, select the profile in the main window and press Ctrl-R.

When the Differences window appears you need to change the Action for all the files to Use details from Source (or whatever your source is called) then let the profile continue. Note that you can choose all files by pressing Ctrl-A or you can do multiple selections using the Ctrl and Shift keys with mouse clicks. To change the Action for your selected files, right-click on the selection and choose the action from the pop-up menu.


If there are no problems you can delete the copy of the profile.



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