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Author: Debbie Grignani, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

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Important: This article is for historical reference only. InfoHesive and InfoHesiveEP are no longer available or supported. Some of the links may be broken or no longer valid.

Writing and publishing is hard work. Writers need to concentrate on the meaning, style and content of what they write. That is not so easy when you have many writing projects on the go. Authors need tools that allow them to organize their ideas and previous work, and a simple way to publish their materials.

Whether you are a freelance writer who needs to organize your articles according to publications that you are writing, a columnist who requires your articles to be organized by month or issues, an author who would like a way to easily access your book chapters and sub-chapters, or a writer who has decided to become environmentally friendly by publishing your work in an ebook format rather than a printed-on paper version - InfoHesive is your solution!

Making The Writing Process More Efficient

What exactly is InfoHesive? For you writers, InfoHesive is a tool that allows you to organize, retrieve and share your writings in a convenient and efficient manner. If you are a writer who writes multiple articles at a single go, InfoHesive can make your writing experience more pleasant by ease of flicking to the next article when ideas start popping into your head. Sure, you can do that with other word processing programs by clicking on the task bar and selecting the required article or by tabbing to the required article (holding the Alt key and then typing the Tab key until you get what you want), but the biggest difference with InfoHesive is that you can select the required article with literally a single click by selecting it from the Outliner section that resembles a Windows Explorer hierarchical list.

Go Green & Get Your Work Out There

With all the environmental talks about cutting back on using too much paper, you can become an environmentally-friendly author by publishing eBooks instead of the conventional printed versions. The beauty of InfoHesive is that it will allow you to convert your completed InfoHesive eBook into a standalone "executable" .exe file. That means that your readers need only download your .exe file (or you can send them via email) and they are ready to sit down and enjoy your latest work, without the need to download any other software.

For Promotional Writers and Technical Authors

If you are a copywriter for promotional materials or a technical author who specialized in writing instructional manuals, InfoHesive has features that you will love. Create an InfoHesive Help File and you will be able to publish your completed Help File with any associated assets. These assets refer to any external file that you have linked to in your Help File. For example, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, animations and photos, just to name a few. This just makes it all the more convenient for your readers to download and easily view it on the Freeware InfoHesive Viewer.

New Publications and Archival Materials

Keep track of updated versions of your books and articles as they are being proof-read and edited, and maintain a library of your previous publications so all of your work can be easily searched and referenced. Offer archives of your blogs and articles as downloadable files - the possibilities that InfoHesive gives you to organize, reference, publish and distribute your writings are endless.

If you can think of a task that you need to do with your digital writings, InfoHesive will more than likely have a solution. So give InfoHesive a try and see what you think!

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