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Author: Debbie Grignani, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

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Important: This article is for historical reference only. InfoHesive and InfoHesiveEP are no longer available or supported. Some of the links may be broken or no longer valid.

In today's competitive commercial market and not-for-profit sector, organizations need to not only produce quality products and services, they also have to provide great support.

Ensuring prompt and effective client communications is an excellent way to outshine your competitors. Consumers and clients now demand the very best in all round support and post-sales service, and InfoHesive is there to help your organization achieve just that.

Phone & Email Support

Telephone or e-mail support are generally the more common methods of customer communications. Organizations require their staff to follow guidelines and standards when responding to their clients, and they need to do so in a timely and efficient manner so that queries are answered with minimal waiting time. This is especially so for telephone support as a prompt response results in a more positive initial exchange between the client and support staff, and increases response efficiency.

Build Response Templates

InfoHesiveEP allows support management to easily build universal "response templates". These templates can then be personalized and fine-tuned to the particular needs of a customer's inquiry by customer communications staff who handle e-mail and telephone support. In the case of emails, this saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent repeatedly typing individual responses to common questions. Templates can also be useful for telephone support staff who require quick reference to common and not so common questions, and since InfoHesive supports searching by word or phrase, answers are easily accessible and can thus reduce the duration of calls.

Hotkey Heaven

One great feature that InfoHesive has available, which will further increase efficiency for e-mail support, is the ability to assign Hotkeys to articles. You can assign a keyword to an article and automatically paste the contents of that particular article into a document or an email with the keyword alone.

Not only can InfoHesive be used for organizing text, it can also be used for organizing files. Text, word processing, spreadsheet, image, music, in fact any type of file!
If you are a customer communications officer and require access to certain digital files for reference, InfoHesive has a solution for that too. Instead of flicking through folder after folder searching for a specific file, just make a link to the file in InfoHesive.

You will also be able to assign a Hotkey to it so that with a keyword, the file will automatically be opened instantly. Even if you can't remember the keyword that you've previously assigned to the file, you can simply double click on the link and the file will open automatically as well. Sure you can create shortcuts to files on your Desktop, but why clutter up your Desktop when you can link it in InfoHesive within the context of a project and topics using the tree outliner. In addition, you can add comments associated to the file link. For example, comments about the content of the file and in what instances you might require the file.

Build Help Files & Communicate Your Message

Organizations can also use InfoHesive to help speed up training time of new customer communication employees. With the ability to build a Help File containing all instructions, templates and associated files like Word documents and PDFs that new employees require in the course of their work, there is no need to worry if managers and mentors have not covered all the necessary information during their first day at work. Your staff will come to rely on InfoHesive when they need to verify the authority of a statement, term, or phrase your organizational uses. Say goodbye to uncertainty with the help of InfoHesive.

All these features significantly speed up support productivity and accuracy. Transform the quality and efficiency of your organization's support today with InfoHesive!


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