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Author: Debbie Grignani, 2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.

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Important: This article is for historical reference only. InfoHesive and InfoHesiveEP are no longer available or supported. Some of the links may be broken or no longer valid.

Are you having a party and wondering what to cook? Or perhaps you just want to cook a nutritious and quick meal for your family after a long day at work? What about having a list of songs to play at your party and games to get your party going? What if you are a person who gets inspiration to cook from flicking through a cookbook or browsing through a recipe website? Well, have we got a great tool for you! InfoHesive combines ease of information and file organization with convenient retrieval of information. It also offers an effective way to share information with others. InfoHesive is the Cook's friend.

Create Your Cookbook

You can create your very own cookbook, categorized by the different meats, vegetables, desserts, cuisine, preparation and cooking time. InfoHesive allows you to easily include your favorite recipes that you have found on websites that invite you to take a copy. You will quickly create links to online or saved cooking videos for easy reference, and you will add notes to the links so that you will be able to find the video you need with the minimum of fuss. Best of all, InfoHesive provides all the tools to record your own recipes that have been handed down the generations for you and others to enjoy long into the future.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Need a visual of the steps involved in cooking the dish or the final product? InfoHesive allows you to insert photos and pictures with ease into your cookbook reference. Need a table to organize your ingredients and quantity required in a easy to read manner? InfoHesive is there to help and has the capabilities to let you layout your cookbook in the way that best suits you.

If you have a specific list of wine that you would like to serve with specific dishes, you can feature your very own wine list of links to wine references within your InfoHesive Project. We call these links, anchors. Anchors are also very helpful when you have a recipe that can be cooked in a variety of methods. Instead of having to scroll through the whole recipe to get to the method you require, you can insert anchors within the recipe to point to the respective methods, all within the same page. This provides ease of navigation, which can save you a lot of time and effort and leaves you to concentrate on the task at hand - cooking a great dish.

Party Time

Create a section in your InfoHesive Project WorkSpace for theme parties - parties for kids, birthdays, and anniversaries. Include a list of games that you can entertain your guests with and also a variety of songs that may like to play during the dinner. Insert anchors where needed so that you don't need to have repetitive recipes within the InfoHesive Project.

InfoHesive also offers a really great and convenient way to share your recipes as you can easily create eBooks that you can share with others. When you send your cookbook to friends and family they won't need any software to read it. They will simply double click the eBook file, and the eBook will immediately open with your welcome page (perhaps with a photo of yourself making that great desert your family can't get enough of, and your great recipes and ideas of how to make a great meals.

InfoHesive Cooks

What else can InfoHesive offer you? Well, just about anything to do with collating your recipes and everything else you require to plan a meal... except for doing the actual cooking, of course. Interested? Give InfoHesive a try for 30 days and discover that InfoHesive is as useful as your favorite bowl. There's no obligation, so you have nothing to lose by giving the program a try.

So next time you are in the kitchen think how great it would be to have a printed page from your very own cookbook that helps you make that perfect meal again and again. Get cooking today with InfoHesive!

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