Why Use PatchOnClick?

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Why Use PatchOnClick?

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Uses for PatchOnClick


PatchOnClick is useful for anyone who modifies files often and wants to share their documents with others.


PatchOnClick lets you create a new patch file from your original file and your updated file. The patch file contains the differences between the two files and is therefore smaller. The recipient of the patch file then uses PatchOnClick to update their original copy.

Examples of Using PatchOnClick


Updating a Word Document


You work on a word document that is frequently updated and sent to your colleagues each week via email. Rather than sending the whole document each time, PatchOnClick allows you to create a small patch from a reference file which can be more easily distributed.


Saving Network Resources


Your company updates internal documentation every week. The distribution of these updates places demands on your company's network systems. Using PatchOnClick you produce a patch file which is a fraction of the size of the main file which will be sent to your staff and thus saves network resources.


Updating and Sharing Databases


There are circumstances when it is not possible to connect easily to the Internet and access a live database that may be pushed from your companies server towards your sales force.


Your product or customer information has been updated and your company wishes to distribute the updated database over the internet to your sales staff so they have a "hard copy" to access at any time. Rather than sending the whole database of products and/or customer information which may be very large, your company is able to patch a file and distribute this to the sales team in the field.


Distributing Published Resources


As a developer you update your software and help files regularly for your customers. Using PatchOnClick you are able to produce patch files which are far smaller than the latest full version, and therefore saves on bandwidth costs and reduces the demands on your web server.




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