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Start using InfoHesiveEP straight away with the aid of one of the free templates available on this page.

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InfoHesiveEP Kick-Start Templates

From the makers of SyncBackPro, InfoHesiveEP Kick-Start Templates are pre-designed WorkSpaces that help you get the most out of using the program.

Project WorkSpace Personal Information Manager

InfoHesiveEP Help and Project WorkSpace Template

Download the Personal Information Manager Template

Store personal contact details including email and web addresses in your InfoHesiveEP PIM using this content rich Project Template.

Pre-Defined Sections

Contacts: Family; Friends; Colleagues; Services | Signatures | To-Do: Home; Work | Finance: Bank Accounts; Savings; Loans; Credit Cards | Passwords: Finance; Software | Personal Information: Personal Profile; CV; Passport | PIM Reference: Country Codes; Phone Codes; Web Links.

eBook WorkSpace Photographic Portfolio

InfoHesiveEP eBook Template
Download the Photographic Portfolio Template
[997 KB]

Create an attractive album or publication of your photos. This InfoHesiveEP eBook template features a detailed tutorial and carefully designed sample layouts.

Pre-Defined Sections

Family | Friends | Landscape| Portrait

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