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How to keep filestamps of folders (NOT only files)?

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How to keep filestamps of folders (NOT only files)?

Post by pstein » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:39 am

In my profile (of SBSEv8) I enabled the option

Expert--->Copy/Delete--->Advanced--->Copy file creation date & times

As I found out only the timestamps of the files were copied and NOT those of folders.

How can I tell SB-SE to copy timestamps of folder as well?

How can I now (with new timestamps of folders) "repair" the folder timestamps (=adjust them to the original timestamps)?

By the way: "Copy file creation date & times" is misleading. Not only the timestamp for creation time is copied but for modification time as well.


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Re: How to keep filestamps of folders (NOT only files)?

Post by Swapna » Sat Aug 10, 2019 7:00 am


We have a non-default option in SyncBackSE to copy the Created date/time stamps of folders, which is under:
Modify profile > Expert mode > Copy/Delete > Folders > 'Copy sub-directory attributes and creation date (only when new directories are created)'

However, this option must be in force before/at the time the new copy was created (but it can't update the creation date/time stamps for already copied folders). There is no option to set the last modified date/time stamp of folders.

Thank you

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