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Need a friendly but powerful backup app

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Need a friendly but powerful backup app

Post by staak » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:26 am

I'm switching a file server from Windows to Ubuntu. I've been using SyncBack SE for backups and I would like something very similar for Ubuntu. (BTW, I installed gnome on my file server because I'm not an admin - just a home user.)

I heard about Flyback, but I didn't try it yet. Is that the best GUI backup app for Ubuntu?

I want something that supports versioning of files and that stores the backed up files in their original (uncompressed) condition. I also want to be able to select which files are backed up via the GUI.

SyncBack SE has a nice feature that lets you choose whether all new files in a location included in the backup or excluded. I'd like this functionality in a Ubuntu app too.

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers to other threads.

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