Rolling Copies?

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Rolling Copies?

Post by jd54321 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:43 pm

Is there a way to create "X" rolling mirrored copies. I.e.

A rolling #3 mirrored copies would look like this:


Where the last time the profile was run, it would be in 1, second to last time run, it would be in 2, third to last time run would be in 3 etc. Next time profile is run, 3 would be deleted, 2 would go to 3, 1, would go to 2, and the new run would be in 1.

The closest I have found is using \%DAYOFWEEKNAME%\ at end of source of a mirror.

For example D:\BackupFolders\%DAYOFWEEKNAME%\
Would create


Is there a way to do rolling say
For example D:\BackupFolders\%ROLLBACKUP3%\
to do 3 rolling backups?


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Re: Rolling Copies?

Post by mike.c.carroll » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:28 am

Here is a batch file that I wrote years ago to keep rolling copies of Acronis image file backups. This keeps 18 days and because it's using 'move' commands vs. copy it takes just a few moments to run on an external drive, moving 200+ Gb of backup image files prior to running an Acronis image backup of my pc. My pc is either partitioned into separate drives or have physically different drives for the boot & data drives. I use Acronis to make an image backup of the boot drive and I use SyncBackPro to mirror my data to external drives and the cloud. I'm sure there are people that can script this better but this has worked well for me. Please feel free to modify it for your own purposes.

del x:\backup\day17\*.d17 /q
move x:\backup\day16\*.d16 x:\backup\day17\
ren x:\backup\day17\*.d16 *.d17

del x:\backup\day16\*.d16 /q
move x:\backup\day15\*.d15 x:\backup\day16\
ren x:\backup\day16\*.d15 *.d16

del x:\backup\day15\*.d15 /q
move x:\backup\day14\*.d14 x:\backup\day15\
ren x:\backup\day15\*.d14 *.d15

del x:\backup\day14\*.d14 /q
move x:\backup\day13\*.d13 x:\backup\day14\
ren x:\backup\day14\*.d13 *.d14

del x:\backup\day13\*.d13 /q
move x:\backup\day12\*.d12 x:\backup\day13\
ren x:\backup\day13\*.d12 *.d13

del x:\backup\day12\*.d12 /q
move x:\backup\day11\*.d11 x:\backup\day12\
ren x:\backup\day12\*.d11 *.d12

del x:\backup\day11\*.d11 /q
move x:\backup\day10\*.d10 x:\backup\day11\
ren x:\backup\day11\*.d10 *.d11

del x:\backup\day10\*.d10 /q
move x:\backup\day09\*.d09 x:\backup\day10\
ren x:\backup\day10\*.d09 *.d10

del x:\backup\day09\*.d09 /q
move x:\backup\day08\*.d08 x:\backup\day09\
ren x:\backup\day09\*.d08 *.d09

del x:\backup\day08\*.d08 /q
move x:\backup\day07\*.d07 x:\backup\day08\
ren x:\backup\day08\*.d07 *.d08

del x:\backup\day07\*.d07 /q
move x:\backup\day06\*.d06 x:\backup\day07\
ren x:\backup\day07\*.d06 *.d07

del x:\backup\day06\*.d06 /q
move x:\backup\day05\*.d05 x:\backup\day06\
ren x:\backup\day06\*.d05 *.d06

del x:\backup\day05\*.d05 /q
move x:\backup\day04\*.d04 x:\backup\day05\
ren x:\backup\day05\*.d04 *.d05

del x:\backup\day04\*.d04 /q
move x:\backup\day03\*.d03 x:\backup\day04\
ren x:\backup\day04\*.d03 *.d04

del x:\backup\day03\*.d03 /q
move x:\backup\day02\*.d02 x:\backup\day03\
ren x:\backup\day03\*.d02 *.d03

del x:\backup\day02\*.d02 /q
move x:\backup\day01\*.d01 x:\backup\day02\
ren x:\backup\day02\*.d01 *.d02

del x:\backup\day01\*.d01 /q
move x:\backup\*.tib x:\backup\day01\
ren x:\backup\day01\*.tib *.d01

del x:\backup\*.tib /q

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