Files missing from the backup copy

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Files missing from the backup copy

Post by Graham3196 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:21 am

I am trying to back up from my hard drive to an external hard drive. Windows 10
The backup appears to work and completes the process in about 14 hours
There seems to be a lot of files missing from the back up
My main original folder contains 393 GB in 106135 files 2695 folders
The backup contains 128GB in 40269 files 1454 folders.

Is there some limit at 128Gb It sounds like a special number

I did a trial with just this main folder and the backup contained 347GB Still a long way from the original 393 Gb so the 128GB it is probably not a limit

All I want to achieve is a backup that gets the dates correct, allows incremental backups and allows a reliable restore.

What might explain the three different answers?

Can I do some sort of file/folder compare program that might make the difference obvious?

Any suggestions?
Thanks Graham

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