settings and profiles directory consistency issues

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settings and profiles directory consistency issues

Post by scripter » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:00 pm

Win10 x64, latest v8.5.

In preferences -> Settings, there should be two storage locations instead of one.
1) Storage of profiles
2) Application Settings.ini etc. Currently this one is "The settings are stored here" with no allowance to make this different from "Profile settings".

Or at the very least maintain the same, but have truly application "global" in a separate Registration.ini

Why? At the moment, it is combined into one. Which causes problems when attempting to use profiles in a different directory from command line, etc.

For example, I wish to keep the profile together with my source, which is in one bitlocker'ed VHD self mounted. Destination is another. This way, profile information, fast backup cache info, etc can be kept bitlocker'ed. But the current GUI makes the application want the app Settings.ini in the same location, so when the vhd is not mounted, SBP thinks it's a new installation, and needs to setup from scratch.

Use case example.
a) I want to use Syncback gui to make various backups, I don't care if people can tell, or if forced to unlock at a border for basic backups.
b) Two secret external thumbdrives. The profile is "JournalistSecrets" to backup from one to the other. I do not want anyone to know I have such a profile, nor it's filenames, when I travel through a border. I put the Profile onto the source disk, and use the command line -settings to identify it's location when all the VHDs on disk are unlocked. Currently, this works, but makes (a) all funky. Unless I put a totally separate NI installation on every source disk.

Summary. The option to have Profiles in a separate directory isn't well implemented. The Profile data itself (as well as associated settings, such as log file locations) should be independent of application's settings. The current GUI setting, or -settings command line co-mingles them.

thank you.

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Re: settings and profiles directory consistency issues

Post by Swapna » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:45 am


Thank you for your suggestion.

I will pass your request to our Development team for their review.

Thank you.

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