Deletion of files when mirroring -- recycle bin

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Deletion of files when mirroring -- recycle bin

Post by duardo2000 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:38 pm

I am trying out SyncBack free. In the settings I haven't found an option for deleting files from the USB backup that are no longer on the source drive after mirroring. In a competing program I tried, it was possible to get the program to delete them permanently. When sent to the recycle bin, these unneeded files can take a surprisingly long time to delete. Haven't found this topic in the program's help files or this forum, though I might have been using the wrong keywords.

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Re: Deletion of files when mirroring -- recycle bin

Post by cliffhanger » Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:21 am

Hi, SyncBack works the other way around - immediate deletion (not via Recycle Bin) is the default behavior.

In more detail: the default Copy (and deletion) method ('Standard Windows copying method') only ever deletes unwanted files immediately (not via Recycle Bin). It cannot be reconfigured to (optionally) use the Bin without switching Copy method entirely.

If you switch to the non-default 'Windows Explorer method of file copying', this makes available an option to delete to the Recycle Bin instead, but it's not the default behavior and you have to actively request/configure the profile to use the Bin.

The settings are accessible via

Modify profile > Expert mode > Copy/Delete settings page > use the top drop-list to switch copy mode to 'Explorer'

and now the Recycle Bin option will now be displayed immediately below the 'method' drop-list but in a new profile it will be deselected by default. It is up to you to toggle that behavior (or not) as you prefer.

NOTE: If you set the profile to use the BIn and then switch back to the 'Standard Windows' copy method (without reversing the Bin setting), SB will ignore the (now-hidden) Bin setting unless you switch copy mode back to 'Explorer', at which point the Bin setting becomes visible & 'appropriate' again and SB will start using it again if it was previously selected.

If in doubt / to avoid any lingering legacy settings, create a new Mirror* profile using the 'Windows' copy method (the default for a new profile - no extra setting required) and the Recycle bin will be bypassed by default.

* selecting a Mirror profile automatically deletes any files on Destination (immediately) that are not on Source' - no extra settings required unless you want to change that behavior.

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