What is the proper use of wildcard?

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What is the proper use of wildcard?

Postby manya2000 » Wed May 16, 2018 8:36 pm

I have the following folders:

I was able to shorten to:

But if I tried to shorten to the following, it selects ALL folders under ABC_1, ABC_2 and ABC_3 and selects *.dat files in those wrong folders.


How can I do it so it selects *.dat files under (ABC_1\PAT and ABC_1\PATCH) and (ABC_2\PAT and ABC_2\PATCH) and (ABC_3\PAT and ABC_3\PATCH)

Thanks for your help,

2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: What is the proper use of wildcard?

Postby Swapna » Thu May 17, 2018 2:09 am


Please try with these inclusion filters ('to files/folders to copy' list) and see if it works:


Click on OK button to close the settings page and confirm any questions you may be asked about excluding/including any matching files. However, please note that *\ filter will select all sub-folders on your source (matching or non-matching sub-folders). So, SyncBack may create empty folders on the destination device when the profile is run. But you can avoid this by configure the Decision-Files settings page as follows:

If you are backing-up files from a standard resource (local drive or network drive) then configure the option under:

Modify Profile > Expert > Decision-Files > Folders > "What to do if a directory exists on Source but not on Destination" (first section) to "Do Nothing"

OR if your Source is a non-standard resource (FTP) then configure the second section of the Decision-Files > Folders settings page to "Do Nothing"

Thank you.

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