V8.5.41.0 beta is available for download

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V8.5.41.0 beta is available for download

Post by mickyj » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:48 am

A new V8.5.41.0 beta is available for download with the following changes:

32-bit Download
64-bit Download

Fixed: Pressing escape on profile schedule window no longer deletes the schedule
Fixed: Delete key sent on connect and disconnect when using VNC
Fixed: Folders on some cloud services were being deleted even if not empty
Fixed (Pro): Potential problems with Google Drive files which have unusual meta-data
Fixed (SE): Touch username is now correctly disabled in new profile wizard
Fixed: Multi-threaded scanning for FTP
Updated: If a schedule repeats longer than it recurs then a warning is displayed
Updated: The Do Not Store Password schedule option has been removed for Windows 10
Updated: If an FTP server responds with no data when getting a directory list then SyncBack will try again
Updated: Supports multi-part upload for Wasabi cloud service (S3 API compatible service)
Updated: The installer no longer enables the sign up to mailing list option by default
Updated: Italian translations in installer
Updated (Pro): Wasabi (S3 compatible service) support
Updated (Pro): S3 locations updated


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