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Network Failure Invalid Password.

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Network Failure Invalid Password.

Post by dreico33 »

Hellow Everyone,

I have an odd problem here and i would like it to share it with you guys.

i have a laptop with Win10x64 and i have setup a backup job on a Network Hdd connected to a Router.

The problem is i am getting a Network failure error , and when i go to Network tab while i have enter user name and pass to access the Network Hdd it says pass is invalid. Now i can browse network Hdd and folders from windows Explorer and from the time i am doing that if i go back to Network tab to test my Connection i get Success and therefore no problem of doing my backup job. I tried to change the options of user name and pass at the Network tab with no luck. Well this is about it , any help???

Thank you.

2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Network Failure Invalid Password.

Post by Swapna »


Please note that ‘Password Invalid’ error is returned from Windows, when SyncBackPro is trying to establish the network connection using Windows API call. Since you have stated the “Test Connection” is successful sometimes, it could be because Windows caches connection information and may uses that valid cached credentials while establishing the connection. You can read this forum post for more details:

Can you try the suggestion below to see if it helps to resolve the issue:

> Try using the IP Address instead of hostname in the UNC path

> Enable the option "Use the supplied username and password before trying my current username and password" under:

Modify > Expert > Network > Advanced settings page

> The footnotes of Help > Network settings page explains the different ways of entering the username credential in the username field, which you can try and test the connection using the "Test Connection" button to ensure the connection is successful before running the profile.

Also, please note that we have quite a number of SyncBack users who reported weird issues (file copy errors, problem retaining last modification date/time stamps and other odd problems) when backing-up files to a hard drive connected to a USB port of a router. The reason is because a lot of router manufacturers tend to add a lot of additional features to beef up their product functionality, but most of which are often poorly implemented and are negligent in updating their firmware to fix known bugs.

Very often the firmware that controls FTP & USB-over-LAN storage on such router devices are dreadful. This is by no means unusual - router (and NAS) manufacturers often use very old/buggy firmware code for these aspects, bundling such services just for advertisement sake that their products comes bundled with "additional features".

If you experience such issues – you can try plugging the USB drive directly to your machine (and/or, to another PC you can access over the network), then most likely the problems will disappear, indicating that the USB connected to the router is the cause of the problem.

Thank you.

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