DingBat Magazine Recommends SyncBackSE

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DingBat Magazine Recommends SyncBackSE

Postby mike » Fri May 06, 2005 9:55 pm

SyncBackSE gets a rave revenue from DingBat, one of the oldest and most respected review sites on the Internet:

'SyncBackSE Rocks!

Here's the best backup & synchronization app we've ever seen. Anyone who thinks backing up is a pain has never tried SyncBackSE. It is flawless, seamless, 100% reliable.You can set it up in minutes. Just choose the files and folders you want to backup, set a schedule, and relax. Use it on a local drive, network drive, FTP server, ZIP archive, or removable media. You continue working during scheduled backups without your system grinding to a halt. And, hey, it even works on locked or open files! This will quickly become your all-time favorite utility. And if you're one of those folks who forgets to backup regularly... well this program will save your butt.

It rocks!'

- DingBatMag

If you come across reviews or features about SyncBack, either on the Internet or in magazines, we'd very much appreciate hearing about them. Please contact us at:


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