SyncBackSE in May Edition of PC World

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SyncBackSE in May Edition of PC World

Postby mike » Tue Mar 29, 2005 5:10 am

The May 2005 issue of PC World magazine features an article by Steve Bass that features SyncBackSE:

'Super-Duper Backups'

'If you don't back up because you think it's too much trouble, you'll change your mind when you try SyncBackSE from 2BrightSparks. For $15, SyncBackSE makes backing up a breeze. The program even backs up the files currently open in Outlook and other apps, as well as files that are locked on XP systems with NTFS-formatted drives.'

The above extract is also available in its original context at: ... g,2,00.asp

If you come across reviews or features about SyncBack, either on the Internet or in magazines, we'd very much appreciate hearing about them. Please contact us at:

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