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SyncBackSE on the Langalist

Postby mike » Tue Feb 15, 2005 1:07 am

Fred Langa is a freelance computer and web author whose work reaches an audience of over two million readers per month.

SyncBack and SyncBackSE feature in his latest newsletter:

SyncBack, Free and Paid

Love your Plus edition, Fred! It's truly incredible that every issue contains a useful gem' well worth the subscription price! I notice you continue to occasionally mention Karen's Replicator as a good way to copy / backup / sync files. I've used Replicator for a long time and love it. But recently I switched to SyncBack by 2BrightSparks.

In my opinion, SyncBack beats Replicator hands down! It offers more options, and more important, it is way faster. One of my backup sets involves comparing / copying 10GB of data (about 65,000 files). Replicator takes 6 - 7 minutes to complete. SyncBack finishes in under a minute and a half! And, like Replicator, SyncBack is free. - Michael Ewart

Fred Langa replies:

Thanks, Michael. There are two versions of the tool; SyncBack and SyncBackSE. The "SE" version costs $15, and offers a *very* high-speed option. You can get full information, including a comparison of the free and paid versions, at

To see the feature in context go to:

If you come across any other mention of SyncBack we'd love to hear about it:

Thanks... .

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