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OnClick Utilities From 2BrightSparks

Post by mike » Sun Apr 29, 2007 5:40 am

A Toolbox for Managing your Files

OnClick Utilities, our suite of six utility programs, has been released. One serial number unlocks all utilities. Find more details at:


Freeware and commercial

You can use many of the OnClick utilities without purchasing a serial number, but buying a serial number has benefits:

FindOnClick: Trial limited to 30 days. A serial number is required after expiration.

UndeleteOnClick: Without a serial number only files 64KB or less can be undeleted.

DeleteOnClick: With a serial number you can securely wipe free disk space and it will rename files with a random filename before deleting them.

PatchOnClick: With a serial number you can use command line options.

HashOnClick: With a serial number you get more hashing options.

Have you previously purchased FindOnClick or UndeleteOnClick?

If so, you can now use your serial number to unlock any of the other OnClick utilities. For example, if you purchased FindOnClick then you can now use UndeleteOnClick. Simply enter your FindOnClick serial number into UndeleteOnClick. If you purchased UndeleteOnClick then you can now use your serial number with FindOnClick. Your serial number can also be used with the other OnClick utilities, e.g. DeleteOnClick, HashOnClick, PatchOnClick, etc.


We hope you enjoy the release.

The 2BrightSparks Team
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

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