Sync with PC when Touch device changes file

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Sync with PC when Touch device changes file

Postby dloertscher » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:29 pm

I am evaluating SB/se with SB Touch devices to sync device files to PC with mirrored drives (OS=Win10/64). When I change the SB/se Profile to expert and set the "when" switch to change, it only allows as an option the File on the PC side to sync with the SB Touch device (Android and Win10/32). I want it to go the other way. Ideally, when I walk in the house and the device attaches to the network I would like to PC to automatically initiate a sync of the changed files on the device to the PC.
Can I do this? If so I need some serious help. Have only two weeks left on the trial to get all the bugs worked out before purchasing.

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Re: Sync with PC when Touch device changes file

Postby Kostas » Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:46 am


Watching a folder for changes, as you have set it up, will work only on Windows folder since it leverages a Windows function which is restricted to Windows devices, or devices under Windows' direct control, such as flash drives.

There is already an option to start a profile when SyncBack Touch launches and is connected to your local network. Edit your profile, go to the SyncBack Touch settings form and enable the option "Run this profile when SyncBack Touch starts on the device". If enabled then the profile will be run automatically if the device running SyncBack Touch is found on the local network. This option is only available if you are connecting to the device using its name. If a Touch device reconnects to the same network within 30 minutes then the profile will not be automatically run again.

Of course SyncBack needs to be up and running on your computer as well for this to work.

Hope it helps :)


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